Acacia acinacea is a small to medium shrub that is found in south-eastern South Australia, most of Victoria and southern NSW. Phyllodes are small, elliptic with. Name, Sources, Status. gold-dust acacia, Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), Unknown, uBio, Trusted. Gold-dust Wattle, Integrated Taxonomic. Common names. Gold-dust Wattle, Gold-dust Acacia, Round-leaved Wattle. Scientific names. Acacia acinacea, Acacia rotundifolia. Family. Mimosaceae. Genus.

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Acacia ixiophylla, Sticky Wattle. Climbers Billardiera cymosa, Sweet Apple Berry. Ranunculus inundatus, River Buttercup. Fiddler Beetle Eupoecila australasiae. Prostanthera cuneata, Alpine Mint Bush.

Presence in Australia Common west of the Olympic Highway. Does not establish as readily as most wattles when direct seeded. Hakea petiolaris, Sea Urchin Hakea.

Hibbertia scandens, Climbing Guinea Flower. Acacia boormanii, Snowy River Wattle. Eucalyptus gregsoniana, Wolgan Snow Gum. Propagate from seed and cuttings. Lifespan may be acinaacea decades. Callistemon pinifolius, Pine-leaved Bottlebrush. Common Imperial Blue Butterfly.

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Gold-dust Wattle

Well drained soil of most types. Spring is flowering period. Magnificent Spider Ordgarius sp. Graptophyllum excelsum, Scarlet Fuchsia, Native Fuchsia. Pods are linear, up to 50 millimetres long and curled.

Anigozanthos Landscape Pink

Eucalyptus olsenii, Woila Gum. Site preference Well-drained soil in full or partial sun. Grevillea iaspicula, Wee Jasper Grevillea. Dichopogon fimbriatus, Nodding Chocolate Lily.

Grevillea chrysophaea, Golden Grevillea. Acacia wcinacea, Weeping Boree. Melaleuca bracteata, Black Tea Tree. Dodonaea viscosa, Sticky Hop Bush. Acacia fimbriata, Fringed Wattle. Callistemon salignus, Willow Bottlebrush.

Acacia acinacea – Wikipedia

Melaleuca styphelioides, Prickly Paperbark. Grevillea “Bonnie Prince Charlie”. Eucalyptus magnificata, Blue Box. Lythrum salicaria, Purple Loosestrife.

Micromyrtus ciliata, Fringed heath-myrtle. Kennedia rubicunda, the Dusky Coral Pea. Mazus pumilio, Swamp Mazus.

Gold-dust Wattle | WT Landcare Flora Index

wcacia The leaf-like phyllodes are small and vary in shape from rectangular or oval to spathulate. Plant database Grasses and Strappy. This specie has been identified in the following Australian states: Melichrus urceolatus, Urn Heath. Home About us Who we are Why grow Australian plants? Common Names Gold Dust Wattle.