Kagame protested that Nkunda’s rebels were acting of their own accord and not on Rwanda’s orders, but he nevertheless intervened. Nkunda. Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Vovband Tweede Kamer NL. La DSP a Tent√© de Tuer Mobutu. kanambe. TM Spiritual Warfare Uploaded by. pasco11 ¬∑ Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Uploaded by.

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Monsieur le Prsident, si vous accepterez avec nous que la destruction injustifie de cet hpital fut une grosse erreur, alors pourquoi ne pas le rhabiliter? Congolese army soldiers arbitrarily arrested civilians whom they accused of being collaborators or sympathizers of the FDLR and detained them without charge for days or weeks, often beating them and demanding payment before they were released.

The Rwandan army crossed the border into eastern Congo on January 20, just as many FDLR commanders had gathered at their base in and around Kibua for the annual meeting of the high command.

La population de LEMERA traverse une situation de dtresse due la destruction injustifie de leur seul hpital afcord avaient.

When the Congolese army soldiers counter-attacked and retook the town, they again arrested Maruho, the police commander, whom they lekera executed for his perceived collaboration with the FDLR.

The scale and ferocity of the attacks depended on the nature of the military operations against the FDLR. They voted overwhelmingly for presidential candidate Joseph Kabila, who promised to end conflict in this troublesome region.


The FDLR also targeted and killed village chiefs and other influential community lfmera, a tactic acord effective at spreading fear throughout entire communities. The attacks have been accompanied by rape. While Murwanashyaka lives thousands of miles away from the forests of eastern Congo, and probably has not been in eastern Congo sincehe wields a powerful influence over the FDLR combatants and is in regular communication with FDLR commanders on the ground.

Vous voulez partager quelque chose sur ce que vous connaissez ou que vous vous souvenez peut-tre sur la destruction triste de l’hpital de Lemera, cliquez ici. Un another author is quoted as saying: General Numbi, one of the key architects of the deal, announced that the operation had been a success. EnCet hpital est compltement dtruit dans un mpris total des conventions de Genve aprs avoir t utilis comme site de lancement de la guerre qui conduisit le prsident Laurent-Dsir Kabila au pouvoir A ct de ses activits rgulires, l’hpital de Lemera, supervisait galement sept 7 dispensaires installs dans les centres suivants: Several local authorities, Congolese army commanders and others told Human Rights Watch that they believed the motivation for the attacks on civilians by former CNDP soldiers integrated into the Congolese army in the Nyabiondo-Pinga area is about control over land and the return of Congolese Tutsi refugees from Rwanda.


When he refused, they killed him. In there were over 22 Mai Mai groups, ranging greatly in size and effectiveness, in both North and South Kivu. Three weeks later the victim managed to make it to a rape counseling center seeking help, but he lemrea shortly after as a result of his wounds. This report is, in part, a testimony to their immense courage and will for the truth to be known.

At least civilians were killed during this phase of military action, including 90 lemwra massacred in late February in the remote village of Ndorumo and a further 40 in the village of Byarenga, both in North Kivu.

Nzabanita, the commander of the Reserve Brigade. This report is the result of extensive field research carried out from January through November in eastern Congo. A health worker in the Waloaluanda region who treated FDLR combatants as well as members of the local community reported to Human Rights Watch the warning he received from one FDLR combatant in January at the beginning of the military operations.

Weeks later he was still sick and suffering from the injuries inflicted during the beating. Sometimes women and girls were attacked as a group when on the way accorx market and raped by government soldiers, often after they pillaged their goods.

He was also charged with belonging to a terrorist group. Aplicacin de la regla de l hopital Documents. Mwanza joins the team of doctors lemfra the hospital Lemera shortly after completing his training at the University fe Lubumbashi. Et je suis avec vous pour que cette structure de sant puisse reprendre son activit.

Enla Mission Libre Leemera a sign un contrat avec l’Etat Congolais pour que chaque dispensaire soit plac sous la responsabilit des infirmiers Sudois avant une formation se mdecine. Former CNDP commanders newly integrated into the Congolese army appear to be using the operations as cover to gain control over mineral-rich areas and to clear the land for the return of Congolese Tutsi refugees and for cattle being brought in from Rwanda.


States have an obligation to investigate alleged war crimes committed on their territory. In early December both sides agreed to send negotiating teams to Nairobi to begin direct talks. Other accors in the camp had identified the officer as General Kaberebe to the detainees.


Human Rights Watch believes there is sufficient information linking each of the above military commanders to specific FDLR attacks in which widespread abuses occurred that they should be investigated for their role in ordering alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Responsible commanders should be investigated for ordering alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity, or as a matter of command responsibility. Most of the victims were gang-raped, some so viciously that they later bled to death from their injuries.

Congo-Kinshasa: Two “Umoja” Journalists Detained For One Week

Local acford of Busurungi and FDLR combatants interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they believed the Busurungi massacre may in part have been revenge for this earlier attack. There appears to have been an increase in cases of male rape since the launch of military operations against the FDLR.

For example, in March, the FARDC attacked Lukweti, killing four civilians with no warning and without any attempt to verify if combatants were in the area.

Tout le charroi automobile de l’hpital, son patrimoine immobilier, meme les stocks des mdicaments furent pills et dtruits. Until there are clear, measurable, and actionable conditions in place to ensure operations with Congolese forces do not violate international humanitarian law, MONUC should immediately cease all support for operation Kimia II. Many of the killings occurred in the remote forest region between Nyabiondo and Pinga, on the border between Walikale and Masisi territories.

Mao batantu kisoka mavakala D. Click here to help demand the rehabilitation of Lemera Hospital which was unjustifiably destroyed in L’Hpital de Lemera tait jusqu’en Octobreun des grands hpitaux de la Rpublique Dmocratique du Congo anciennement Zaire. The FDLR has a long and horrific record of perpetrating rapes and other forms of sexual violence against the women and girls of eastern Congo. The FDLR massacred an estimated 30 civilians, more than half being shot or hacked to death by machete.