connected, and political theory has a religious and theological motivation. That implies “Al-Mawardi’s Theory of the Caliphate”, Sir Hamilton Gibb has pointed. Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi known in Latin as Alboacen ( CE), was an Islamic jurist of the Shafi’i school most remembered for his works on religion, government, the caliphate, and public and constitutional law during a time of political turmoil. the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great (orthodox) Shafi’i jurist al-Subki (d. /) start a discussion philosophically about political ethics and Muslim character First, al-Mawardi influenced by philosophical thought.

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Al-Mawardi – Wikipedia

If there is minister having the aforesaid qualities, he will assist the ruler and will work hard for the uplift of the people. According to Al-Mawardi the need is proved either by consensus or reason.

Imam is to provide guidance to the minister delegation. Integrity of physical organs 5. When the Muslims built a world empire and actual needs arose, they tackled all these issues and tried to reach definite conclusions on all of them in the light of Quran and the Sunnah.

But it is ambiguous as to how a tyrant or heretical Imam can be deposed. Our editors thoery review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. If ibn Rawabah also fell, then the Muslims could choose anyone from among themselves as their commander.

Muslim Political ThoughtAl-Mawardi – CSS Forums

The Imam is appointed in one of two ways: And not only traditions of poligical Prophet P. Nay, it contributed directly to a political theory which encouraged adventurous and ambitious men to impose them on the will of the people with brute force and sheer might.


The Wazir of Execution is similar to the Secretary to the Government in modern times. Very rationally he makes full endeavors to hheory the necessity of the Imamate and he proves it not only by referring the Islamic law but lays down a general proposition that it is in the nature of man or rather those among men who are superior to others in intellect that they should hand over their affairs to one who can keep them from being tyrannized over by others and should have the power of adjudging between them in case of mutual quarrels.

Therefore, his physically fitness and sensitivity are must. A person of raw-opinion has no command. He must also be a theoyr of the Quraish. He should preach Islam. The Army Board 2. He describes method of appointment, powers, qualities and method of deposition of pilitical.


He does not elaborate a detailed theory of rebellion, nor discusses the fundamental rights of man. In the preface of his al-Ahkam al-Sultaniyyah he writes. Tuesday, June 14, Only a small portion of the politicla is, however, devoted to political theory, the rest of it discusses the details of public administration and rules of government.

The person who feels fear cannot prove himself a good leader. Justice with all the conditions pertaining to it b. This practice of appointing two or more heirs apparent proved to be the greatest political evil in Muslim polity.

He could have easily established from the tradition of the Prophet P. Al-Mawardi is greatly influenced by the political ideas of his age. Al-Mawardi is of the view that four departments are important: He should punish madardi who snatch rights of the others. For one hundred years of Umayyad rule the struggle between these two forces continued.



You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Moreover, he is very particular about the rights and prerogatives of the Caliph but pays little attention to the rights and obligations of the people.

There is no capacity of two imams at the same time.

The above extreme opinion has been advocated by al-Mawardi to advance another important opinion given in the next section, where he discusses the case of two candidates equally qualified for the Imamate. Muhammad hanif sandheela 22 March at We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

In Muslim history it is one the first scientific treatises on political science and State administration. So, also, an Imam cannot be deposed until a similar change occurs in him. There was a problem with your submission. The Muslims without any tinge of resentment or cause of rivalry accepted Umer as the next Caliph not on the suggestion of Abu Bakr but in obedience to his order as Caliph.

He simply gave his personal opinion. A and also to the sudden collapse of the powerful Umayyads.

Appointed as the chief judge over several districts near Nishapur in Iranand Baghdad itself, al-Mawardi also served as a diplomat for the Abbasid caliphs al-Qa’im and al-Qadir in negotiations with the Buyid emirs. But he declined to accept this offer of mawardii because he said there were far abler people who deserved the title much more than himself.

He was not very original in what he did.