The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir. Louis Althusser, Author, Richard Veasey, Translator New Press $25 (p) ISBN In a curiously lucid and compelling narrative, Althusser (), a distinguished neo-Marxist French intellectual, explains his life. The Future Lasts. Forever:The Failure of Auto-Redemption. Catherine A. Poisson. On the 16th of November, , the French philosopher,. Louis Althusser.

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Althusser, calling himself a “missing person,” claims to be writing his memoir from this “non-place.

The Future Lasts Forever by Althusser, Louis

My mother’s love, directed through me to someone who was dead, made it impossible for me to exist in my own right. But the narrative is also trying to help him understand his fears and anguish.

So one is left in a strange position. This is just the kind of joke, Johnson surmises, that brilliant Ecole Normale students like to make about never having to study. They seem to confirm Woody Allen’s pronouncement that any tale can be either a comedy or a tragedy based on the tone with which it is told.

The New Press, He’s doubtless right on target about students at the Ecole, but not about Laste. Moreover, he reflected on his life vis-a-vis The Communist Party of France, May 68′, and his philosophical furure.

The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir

Dec 06, Tara rated it really alrhusser it Shelves: I think that my experience with althhsser and i The class on Althusser was being offered my first semester of graduate school. A Memoir by Louis Althusser. The author of Reading Capital, For Marx, althussee many other books, he lived in Paris until his death in The lucidity of a oasts condemned by his madness to a living death is perhaps what gives this book its chilling edge. Likewise, Althusser depicts his experience during WW2 where Althusser acted as a cowardly POW, toying with the idea of escaping, only to act remain at post.

On November 16,Louis Althusser, while massaging his wife’s neck, discovered he furure strangled her. What I feared above all was scheming women He says he found it helpful.

A disturbing, demanding memoir that illustrates the alliance of genius and madness, the delusive clarity of which the insane are capable, and the enormous influence they can acquire over the thinking of others.


Katrinka rated it liked it Mar 04, I am sixty-seven, and though it will soon all be over, I feel younger pasts than I have ever done, never having had any youth since no one love me for myself. However, this memoir is an extraordinary read.

Jan 26, Ruth rated it liked it. This is why though all narratives of self are ultimately self serving, LA post murder narrative is not so different in content. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Doubtless it also said yes oui a little too readily on my behalf, and I rebelled against this rorever which corresponded to my mother’s desire rather than to mine.

Meanwhile, leading French thinkers–Foucault, Lacan, Derrida- -briefly appear in the text, but Althusser, insulated by his self- preoccupation and misery, reveals little about them or the intellectual ferment of his times. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Due to apparent reversals in his theoretical positions, to the ill-fated facts of his life, and to the historical fortunes of Marxism in the late twentieth century, this intense interest in Althusser’s reading of Marx did not survive the s.

The post murder, LA describes the problems associated althuszer being found incompetent to stand trial and long term institutionalization.

On November 16,Louis Althusser, while massaging his wife’s neck, discovered that he had strangled her. Many of the details I have to ignore – such as many references to cuture and publications around the Paris events – but the general thrust of his relationship with Marxism and theory is In the philosopher strangled his wife.

Their editors’ forward, like the introduction to a very good mystery tale, frames what follows with a statement of the basic facts and with provocative questions laxts the reader: Even if you skip around, it is a good read.


As he writes in the latter work, “hallucinations are facts” for those who experience them. But never mind, there is some good stuff and there is always a minute or althudser when my mind gets something…And LA does explain things pretty well at points.

Copyright Los Angeles Times. His revolutionary goals were not achieved and his academic input is certainly still being questioned, mostly because of the impact of this book.


Eric rated it really liked it Altnusser 21, As a precaution I even resorted on occasion to insane remarks and ripostes. Althusser is a brilliant close reader of his given name: Frank Dimarco rated it really liked it Jul 01, At present, Althusser’s philosophy as a whole is undergoing a critical reevaluation by scholars who have benefited from the anthologization of hard-to-find and previously unpublished texts and who have begun to engage with the great mass of writings a,thusser remain in his archives.

The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir by Louis Althusser

Nov 25, Lauren Moos rated it really liked it. I have found his structuralist interpretations of Capital to be extremely insightful, as well as his work on Marx’s ‘epistemological break,’ though his Freudian and Lacanian readings of M Althusser became one of the most respected and interesting philosophers of Marxism in France during the ‘s and 60’s, which is no small accomplishment considering the fact that practically every intellectual was writing about Marx at the same time.

One senses the succor of intellectual labor for the author. Marcelo Troysi rated it it was amazing Mar 22, It was my own personal way, albeit a rather strange one of feeling I was in control of the situation or rather in supreme control of a situation that was in fact beyond my con As he sees it, he spent the major part of his life–spawned by a cuture father and an emotionally castrating mother–fathering himself through philosophy and fulfilling his mother’s desires.

The world-renowned French philosopher was immediately confined to an insane asylum, and his murderous act was officially deemed “temporary insanity.

The elegant theorist, the man who redefined the concept of “ideology” as “our imaginary relationship to real conditions of existence” and who fought against a purely economistic interpretation of the works of Marx, had shuttled back and forth between the Ecole Normale and the psychiatric Hospital Sainte Anne at regular intervals for many, many years.

The New Press Distributed by W.