The Art of War by. Antoine Henri de Jomini. (Baron de Jomini). General & Aide-de -Camp of the Emperor of Russia. Originally Published in French in Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Art of War by Baron de Jomini Antoine-Henri, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I have to re-read this book as it is one of the harder reads.

User Review – Flag as inappropriate AirPush ads This book installs ads that appear in your notification bar which then install bookmarks to your home screen He contributed to almost all of Napoleon’s major battles. As with Mahan’s “Influence of Sea Power,” I won’t try to review Jomini’s actual work nor am I really fit to do sobeyond noting that Jomini’s influence on the American way of war has been vastly underestimated.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. One hundred and fifty vessels were employed, including men-of-war and transports. After henrk Peace of TilsitJomini was made chief of the staff to Ney and created a baron.

Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini – The Art of War

He found the job uninteresting and ot most of his time preparing his first book on military theory: I hope that I got a bad copy, 35 pages seems short. Statesmanship in its relation to war. This makes it seem a little more dated than Clausewitz, but only if you believe the Clausewitzian theory, which is very much based on ‘war by the nation-state’.

I read this as part of my War Studies course way back in Illustrated Art of War Sun Tzu. Hence it is essential that the chief of this corps, with a number of its officers, should be permanently stationed at the capital in time of peace Jomini is the book for the Napoleonic wargamer! Jomini took the view that the amount of force deployed should be kept to the antoinf in order to lower casualties and that war was not an exact awr.


User Review – Flag as inappropriate two thumbs down. That said, the definition of various terms such as lines of operation, strategic lines and the function and interplay of bases of operation are a key contribution.

As chief of the staff of Ney’s group of corps, he rendered distinguished services before and at the Battle of Bautzenand he was recommended for the rank off general of division. The regular army officers who became the general officers for both the Union and the Confederacy in the Civil War began by following Jominian principles.

Not everything he has to say hrnri be agreed with but the thoughts are definitely worth engaging with nonetheless.

The Art of War by baron de Antoine Henri Jomini – Free Ebook

In that capacity, he standardized many procedures, and used his position “to experiment with organizational systems and strategies. The system of operations antiine to be determined by the object of the war, At one point, he emphasizes the importance of “lines”–interior lines, where one side has a more compact line and can move troops from one point to another with greater facility than the enemy; exterior lines, which are longer. Jomini was thus engaged when the retreat from Moscow and the uprising of Prussia transferred the seat of war to central Germany.

Now have my own copy. Page – If a few prejudiced military men, after reading this book and carefully studying the detailed and correct history of the campaigns of the great wad of the art of war, still contend that it has neither principles nor rules, I can only pity them and reply, in the famous words of Frederick, that “a mule which had made twenty campaigns under Prince Eugene would not be a better tactician arh at the beginning.


This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat His operational prescription was fundamentally simple: His knowledge may thr limited, but it should be thorough, and he should be perfectly grounded in the principles at the base of the art of war.

ojmini Highly influential even today! Berthier, however, not only erased Jomini’s name from the list but also put him under arrest and censured him in army orders for failing to supply certain staff reports that had been called for. One hesitates to think that officers in the heat of combat will intellectually assess the various orders of attack and rationally choose one over another.

Antoine-Henri Jomini

No trivia or quizzes yet. It is one of many books I read during the time that I served as an officer in the U. One of his last essays dealt with the Austro-Prussian War of and the influence of the breech-loading rifle.

Among these are straight linear orders where the two forces approach one another in straight lines to “en echelon” attacks, where the lines are arrayed in depth.