Description of bbmp suvarna khata application form Cf / s Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation DAiPg v AUg Ug P, AUg No. Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation. DAi斂鵬濛 g斂. 庇瑰v In who’s Name is the khatha currently registered in BBMP records. 3) Cf 寥鬆鮑¹z ╯瞭P / Date of receipt of application form v壎襄優冘 ¤U壕. Khata Transfer Bangalore and Khata Registration – It is very cumbersome to Submit the filled registration form at BBMP office and get sealed.

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Looks like the online facility has now been removed. Kindly share your experiences or comment below if you require trransfer information,will be more than happy to reply.

But yet for provide me with a copy. Now I am trying to get khata transferred to my name. My landlord brought 2 sights and converted that as full sight on his name and sold to me after wards. They have advised that the Khata is ready. Follow the instructions after that.

There is no B-Khata as such. Or jhata we pay the taxes and then get the Khata transferred to my name. He siva demands some money for processing, we had to give it and did. He says it is still in progress. Dear Manjula, You can apply for Khatha transfer. I believe that site should be at least sq ft to get Khata bifurcation done assuming this property is in Karnataka.


How to Register, Transfer, and Modify Khata

How do we approach BBMP to regularize the building if the builder has deviated the original plan. Now owner told us that he would return total amount for the second building that we given.

My lawyer stating that, he can only bring case to the case list, reaching the case to the judge is not in my hand. I purchased a flat in Platinum City in Ravi’s cell number for affidavit work – Currently some akrama Sakrama is over looks.

Unfortunately this is the case in most of the wards. You may also visit the panchayat office and try to find out if e-Khata can be issued for the said property. Is builder signing the khata transfer form without any trouble?

Suggest you to speak to your ex-owner too. Transer is Mutation of Property? Dear Ravi, May I know, who has filed case in High court?


Thanks Mate, I am planning to pay betterment fees down the line. If yes, what the procedure i have follow, please help I am planning to build house. He will give you an khtaa and ask you to come back after a week.

A BBMP release stated that they have developed a new application to speed up the service. Yes, i was asked to submit the above mentioned docs although not sure if they asked the old Khatha doc.

Khata – Alpine Eco

Most probably you should also get it. But he says it is issued only once in lifetime and hence they wont be able to give the duplicate. Hi Sreekanth Thanks for the prompt reply. Bank asked us to provide several documents which owner has to give us. Bank process for loan is done and only Lawyer legal opinion is pending. Unfold by Muthu Krishnan V guest17 Apr How is e-khata different?