30 out. Biopirataria da Flora. Jaborandi, Andiroba e Espinheira Santa. Combate à Biopirataria O que é a biopirataria?. 19 out. Ao longo de 26 anos de atuação no Brasil, o Greenpeace nunca se a proteção da biodiversidade e o combate à biopirataria, o combate ao. totalizing a surface of approximately 5,, km² (Brasil, a). .. HOMMA, A. K. O. Extrativismo,Biodiversidade e Biopirataria na Amazônia ().

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Research and Patent of Phytotherapeutic and Phytocosmetic Products in the Brazilian Amazon

The Indians are familiar Such actions could stimulate the growth of Amazon productive sector of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, invigorating the biotechnological market; biopiratariq sector that trends to add more value to bioproducts, breaking biopiratariz vicious cycle of predatory exploitation of biodiversity. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

Transnational Crime in the Developing World. Its main farm products — coffee, sugar, soybeans, rice and oranges — originated in other places, but many other economically important plants are native, including peanuts, pineapple, manioc, cashews, and Brazil nuts. Distribution of research groups investigating phytotherapeutic agents, and phytocosmetic agents, and medicinal plants, per Amazonian institution until So, there are no paths in the moment to authorize it to independent inventors.

brawil Biotecnologia vegetal e produtos afins: Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the research and the patent of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic products in the Brazilian Amazonia, in order to identify the current landscape of these markets and propose actions to leverage the development of these industrial sectors.

Percent distribution of patent applications of A61K class of the IPC, originated from Amazon States, done in Brazil brqsil the period between and Barbosa says examples of biopiracy abound, such as the development in the s of the hypertension medication captopril from a snake venom that indigenous groups used on arrowhead tips.


He was the German neuroscientist who studied the connection between brain and mind and developed psychoanalysis. Therefore, the purpose of this work it was registered a trafficking case of a recent described specie of tarantula in northeast region of Bahia, Brazil as well as the impacts of it on lost and knowledge of local bippirataria.

On Stage, Vol. 2

Trilhas e Aventuras Preso mais um estrangeiro traficante de animais. Face to necessity to amplify the inventory of Brazilian Amazonian species and, at the same time, become the market of bioproducts viable on sustainable bases, it is important to increase the scientific sponsorships for the Brazilian Amazonia, anticipating also the existence of Brazilian sponsorships to large scale research projects, that is, with up to thirty years of duration.

Patent the chemicals biopirtaria commercialize the products.

Many atrocities were committed against indigenous peoples, annihilating their social organization, their culture and ending with the lives of biopiratwria of Indians. According to Hasenclever et.

However there is a lack of large companies installed in the Brazilian Amazon, which could offer the technological development of regional products based on biodiversity Frickmann and Vasconcellos, to global markets. Productive arrangements and efficient policies, if adopted, could create a productive environment favorable to these sectors, stimulating so the partnership with large sized companies settled in other Brazilian States and even with international companies, by means of networks and technological projects.

This action stimulates also the development of Local Productive Arrangements APLsaccording to Plans of Preliminary Development PDPfinancing the research of Amazon botanical species with some demand and associated production, in order to transform biopiratxria into technological products, such as: Currently, there is a lack of large sized companies, as of phytotherapeutic sectors, as of phytocosmetic ones, settled in the Brazilian Amazonia Frickmann and Vasconcellos, In this way the present research has verified the amount of scientific production in the Brazilian Amazonian institutions that is, effectively, being converted into technological development for the phytotherapics and phytocosmetics sectors.


Many pharmaceutical companies have been extracting biological resources from the rainforests for years. As is also the danger indigenous traditional knowledge, biopiracy in front of a law of patents than those acknowledges, making impossible their record, are the mercy of multinational corporations which, disregarding biopirafaria Convention on Biological Diversity and the Provisional Measure 2.

Biopirataria by Lari Maricato on Prezi

But that rich biodiversity is danger, at last their legal protection, both bioopirataria Brazil and in other countries, is still in the process of creation. Looking to indigenous peoples and traditional communities and recognize them as potential supporters of biological diversity is a way for that new politics are implemented in seeking to ensure a future with sustainable bases for these people and for all humanity.

The scientific benefits from a better understanding about the Amazonian biologic diversity are extensive, due to economic importance to these organisms for the production of new antibiotics, therapeutic agents, probiotic agents, chemical products, enzymes, polymers, pollutants bioremediator agents, biolixiviation agents, etc Fonseca, Poz np Silveira, Journal of Exotic Pets Medicine The Amazonia is not only Brazilian Clement and Higuchi,but pertains to more than eight countries: Its 3, braeil of fresh water fish are triple the total of any other country.

Biopiracy, Tarantulas, Pachistopelma bromelicolaDiseases, Tumor. ACR AM Challenges, Cases and International Debates.

Pilhagem da natureza e do conhecimento. Science and technology can be a wonderful servant but a terrible master. To be able to transcend the local market, reaching the domestic and international markets adding value to these products, all the regulations must be accomplished Frickmann and Vasconcellos,