This system is used by Bolex Rex 16mm cameras. Most light .. Please read manual and complete written portion of test prior to operational proficiency. Bring. Manual for the Bolex 16mm Reflex 5 camera equipped with external film magazine. Original Bolex H16 Reflex Instructions Manual. bolex-hreflex- Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free! Got a paper manual? Send it in, and we’ll scan and PDF it! Especially interested in any Bolex technical .

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I check eBay every day like a morning newspaperbut don’t often bid on stuff. In other words, just because someone says it doesn’t necessarily make it true. Replacement lamps for most projectors are still available. H16RX seems to mabual the preferred term in the UK, and perhaps other countries.

Yes, check the Links page under “Service and Repair”. Simply browsing through the “Completed Listings” will give you an idea of what bidders have paid for a specific camera, projector or accessory in the past 30 days.

However, there are still options available for using cameras that required them; this article offers some suggestions. I would request that you ask permission first.

Bolex Collector | Frequently Asked Questions

Take that product and divide by the manaul degree of your camera’s shutter — the dividend results in That doesn’t mean many of the cameras listed here weren’t used professionally; indeed, the H models were. It is not a camera model, but rather an inscription on the front of a trifocal viewfinder that is used to identify the default focal length setting You may also see an “H8-F Just make sure to clearly separate the quoted text borrowed from my site from your own description of the item you’re selling, so as not to confuse bidders.

The Lenses section only covers camera lenses, not lenses for projectors. It was a useful resource, but nothing I wanted anyone to see it was disorganized and ugly. If you have those items, by all means, send an email with a description and condition. If you want to determine the exposure time while filming at 24fps, you multipy 24 the number of frames per second by to get The most important factor should be the price at which you personally consider to be fair.


On non-reflex cameras, there are several methods for determining the manaul.

Estate sales, antique stores, flea markets ‘swap meets’ or ‘bonnet sales’, depending on your part of the worldused or vintage camera stores, camera collector shows If the plate is wide and colored black with two polished metal vertical lines, it’s a reflex camera. Most countries banned mercury batteries because of environmental concerns.

There are adapters available on eBay and elsewhere that make up the height difference. It’s against eBay policy to copy text from other websites without permission, and it infringes upon the copyright of the content I have written on my site.

H reflex cameras require “RX mount” lenses for focal lengths of 50mm or less.

MANUAL: Instructions for Use of PAILLARD-BOLEX Model H Cameras

Note that many of these factors sometimes have more to do with the appeal and presentation of the auction, rather than the desirability of a specific model.

Except for the earliest projectors which seem to be the most desired for collectorsthey’re relatively inexpensive. Much less likely, is the possibility that the seller is making an intentionally misleading claim to overstate the value. As such, this website doesn’t attempt to place a value on any item. Sure, I’m always interested in adding more to the site and building on the information already here.

MANUAL: Instructions for Use of PAILLARD-BOLEX Model H Cameras – Story Arts Centre: Equipment Room

If you want to share some information, you can also post bollex message on our Facebook fan page for others to read. I actually didn’t intend to create a 16km website.

However, there are occasionally links to cameras for sale on eBay throughout the site. Well, an eBay auction once stated that the Virgin Mary was visible in a grilled cheese sandwich.

I’ve burned film on projectors that failed to transport the film when switched to a different speed an with a faulty motorbut have otherwise never had problems with ruined or scratched film. These cameras used a pair of mercury PX1 1. Sources for 16mm, double run 8mm and Super 8 film stock and processing can be found on the Links page. H J cameras appear on eBay occasionally, but as it only has a shaft for the attachment of 1: EVN are readily available.


Besides, EL and SBM cameras are still manufactured by Bolex and it’s not difficult to find information on the later models. There are several methods. I do appreciate the fact that you may have found the information on my site useful enough to quote.

The closing bid price at which any Bolex item may end fluctuates and can depend on several factors: Visit their websites for more information. Although the H and H-8 reflex cameras both use c-mount lenses, they are not interchangeable.

It was often permanently installed in a set location e.

Only use photos that you have personally taken of the actual item you are selling. The numbers given throughout this website come from a bulletin published by Bolex International S. On certain model projectors, the serial number can sometimes be used to distinguish between 50 cycle and 60 cycle variations. Later L projectors were manufactured to use the halogen lamp manuual require no modification.

Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free!

The terms essentially mean the same thing: However, this modification can be performed by some of the businesses listed on the links page under “Service and Repair”. The buyers will manusl know what they are bidding on, so just describe the name of the item and its condition and provide some good quality pictures.

If you’re not interested in buying, many motion picture rental facilities supply the later model cameras.

I will eventually add a table of exposure times for each camera on their respective page. The easiest way is to measure the thread diameter of the lens mount: