the issue is everybody makes new topic and wants to get FULL guide about gear, stigmas for each case of life. For cleric there are many sets. Oct 14, Aion brings with it a lot of changes in terms of overall gameplay and the simplification of the game. However, Cleric’s the goodnews is your. Oct 29, If you picked the path of the Cleric, you signed a contract secretly. A Daeva of healing must dedicate themsevles to little more than the status of.

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Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide

Besides, they’re getting buffed in 6. PvE instances give PvE stuff. Just now, Kubei-DN said:. I apologize for asking this but I see alot of negative and not a lot of ain here. Do the Lakrum camps and quests near the Fortress. The guy in the alon has Ultimate, but I don’t think that’s much of a difference.

I think Templars still can use Greatswords, because you can craft them in Aetherforging. How can you once in game find out which version of Aion your playing? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. My Gladiator uses both these and the polearm as the main weapons.


Transformation contracts in their cash shop are 2x or 3x more expensive compared to Korea’s. Hey its me again i was wondering about the manastones i should use, i used manastone: For cleric there are many sets, so it will be very long guide. When looking for manastones and gear stats, there are a few key facts to keep in mind. However, regardless of what weapon a Cleric has equipped, they are never truly without a weapon, as they have a handful of spells that can inflict magic damage on their opponents.

cleric TIPS – Cleric – Aion EN

Your Smite spell now procs the Thunderbolt ability, adding some extra magical damage to your target. Oct 26th9: This is to compensate for the reduced damage-reduction gained by equipping a shield.

There are no other new abilities or upgrades at level If you have Aetherforging maxed or at a certain level, you can farm mats in the open world to craft your other PvE or PvP gear.

EU’s chances to get a better grade in transformation contracts is much lower. Posted September 17 edited.

Because games are mostly subjective, I suggest you try it yourself and then decide whether it’s worth your time or not. They’re second best in game as of 6.


Sign In Sign Up. Kinda too late clerjc that. Out of around contracts, I got a couple of greens and only 1 single Ancient grade yellow. Plus soon i will have and a feather that will give me more hp. Already have an account?

Clerics specialize in healing spells and health-related skills, and are the backbone of any successful Legion just for that reason. Or just make it ArenaNet’s second title, since they know how to make a game too. Korea used to have a Master Server that was limited to level aipn but it was merged with Live server when 6.

cleric TIPS

I started to collect the Infinity Insignia to buy a pvp set, should i buy the one set with paralysis resistance and put block manastone and a second one set with the silence resistance and put mr manastones? Using the “Switch Weapon” ability allows you to carry both weapon sets without taking up any space in your cube. The gear limitations, ie: