COMELEC to Conduct Special Voter Registration for Marawi City. Resolution No. Website is maintained by the COMELEC Information Technology. Resolution No. dated 13 September entitled “GUIDELINES ON THE FILING OF CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY IN CONNECTION. RULES AND REGULATIONS ON: (1) THE BAN ON BEARING, CARRYING OR TRANSPORTING OF FIREARMS OR OTHER DEADLY.

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Classification, to be reasonable, must 1 rest on substantial distinctions; 2 be germane to the purpose of the law; 3 not be limited to existing conditions only; and 4 apply equally to all members of the same class.

The COMELEC is constitutionally mandated to enforce and administer all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of an election, a plebiscite, an initiative, a referendum, and a recall.

The law enforcement officers lawfully made an initial intrusion because of the enforcement of the Gun Ban and were properly in a position from which they particularly viewed the area.

Thus, for failure of the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that petitioner was carrying a firearm without prior authority, license or permit, the latter must be exculpated from criminal liability under P. As accurately found by the CA: Majority of the persons listed are public officers who include high-ranking officials, law enforcement officers, members of the armed forces, and other government officials providing security services to officials of the Philippine government or foreign diplomatic corps.

The petitioner insists that the prosecution should have produced the mission order constituting the come,ec, and invokes Aniag, Jr. However, Section s also lays down exceptions to this rule and states that the general prohibition shall not apply in three instances: We can’t serve the Mood meter on your browser at the moment. Cashiers, disbursement officers, similar persons with the same nature of work, and PSAs do not fall under the same category.

Provided that when in the possession of firearms, they are: Within five 5 days from referral, the AFP and PNP shall submit its assessment with a recommendation on whether to grant or not to grant the request.

Who’s allowed to be armed? Brillantes said they have received over a thousand requests to be exempted from the gun ban, which will start during rseolution onset of the election period on January On the propriety of the remedy, the OSG argues that the appropriate case should have been a petition for declaratory relief before the Regional Trial Court under Rule 63 of the Rules of Court.

Incumbent public officers, in case of employment, availment or engagement of security personnel and body guard.


Comelec mulls revising gun ban rules regarding exemptions

Firearms stationed in armored trucks are exempted provided they are duly licensed agency-issued firearms and being used during the regular course of business of the security agencies.

Who may avail of security resoluyion or bodyguards. Assuming arguendo that the petition for certiorari is proper, it was filed out of time. Given the circumstances, and the evidence adduced, did not the honorable court of appeals commit a grave abuse of discretion for adopting the trial courts unsubstantiated findings of resolutoon

While the prosecution was able to establish the fact that the subject firearm was seized by the police from the possession of the petitioner, without the latter being able to present any license or permit to possess the same, such fact alone is not conclusive proof that he was not lawfully authorized to carry such firearm.

Current status of the enforcement i. Comelec, [15] where the Court purportedly held that firearms seized from a motor vehicle without a warrant are inadmissible because there was no indication that would trigger any suspicion from the policemen nor resolutipn other circumstance showing probable cause.


Official COMELEC Website :: Commission on Elections

The gun was in plain view and discovered inadvertently when the petitioner alighted from the vehicle. The wording of Section of BP and Section 32 of RA also provides that the said provisions apply to any and all persons.

Every penalty imposed for the commission of a felony shall carry with it the forefeiture of the proceeds of the crime and the instruments or tools with which it was committed. Yusoph’s office could not give an estimate of how many have applied for gun ban exemptions so far. These details are left to the discretion of the COMELEC, which is a constitutional body that possesses special knowledge and expertise on election matters, with the objective of ensuring the holding of free, orderly, honest, peaceful and credible elections.

Form 16B with the colored 4″ x 5″ picture and description of the authorized uniform of the Agency; 4. Section 4 b as amended by Resolution No. ManuelPhil. The firearm was readily visible to the policemen; it was not covered by the shirt worn by Abenes.

Among the government agencies that were exempted from the gun ban for the elections but not in polls were the Bureau of Corrections, Bureau of Treasury, Department of Interior and Local Government, Office of the Vice President, Department of National Defense, among others. On the timeliness of the filing of the petition, the Court holds that the day reglementary period under Rule 64 22 in relation to Rule 65 does not apply. With respect to the charge of violating Section q of B.


There is nothing for the court to resolve as the determination thereof has been overtaken by subsequent events. Certification under oath that the persons named therein are in the regular plantilla of the Agency, performing law enforcement functions and are receiving regular compensation for the services rendered in the said agency and that the firearms described are duly registered firearms.

On this point, the petitioner failed to present any form of such authority, and, therefore, his conviction must be affirmed. Pay a filing fee of Php 5, Stamped with Comelec dry seal. Emphasis supplied In Aquino v. Any person who, although possessing a permit to carry firearms, carries any firearms outside his residence or place of business during the election period, unless authorized in writing by the Commission: The incident, which happened on 5 Aprilwas well within the election period.

Provided, farther, That in the last case prior written approval of the Commission shall be obtained. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws. Section 13 of RA states: The Court, interpreting Section s of BPabsolved Rimando of the election offense as it was held that “bearing of arms by such person within the immediate vicinity of his place of work is not prohibited and does not require prior written approval from the Commission.

The equal protection clause, therefore, does not preclude classification of individuals who may be accorded different treatment under the law as long as the classification is reasonable and not arbitrary. Provincial Joint Security Control Center PJSCC refers to the organization which be responsible for the reception and evaluation of applications, issuance of temporary security details, and the implementation of the ban on the bearing, carrying or transporting of firearms and the employment, availment or engagement of security personnel in the province.

Whether the petition is moot; 2.

Upon request and when the threat assessment warrants, the CBFSP may authorize the assignment of additional two 2 Protective Agents as close-in security. Section of B. What the people are saying:. Such proceeds and instruments or tools shall be confiscated and forfeited in favor of the Government, unless they be the property of a third person not liable for resokution offense, but those resolutikn which are not subject of lawful commerce shall be destroyed.