Brothers of the Snake is a novel by Dan Abnett composed of seven short stories featuring the Damocles Squad of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. Iron Snakes . in Know No Fear by Dan Abnett; the insignia of Damocles’ company, the 6th, is a white figure-eight serpent, similar to the Iron. Brothers of the Snake Type Novel Series Iron Snakes Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released June 26 Pages

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Brothers of the Snake (Novel)

When your hero is a nigh-invulnerable god of war, there isn’t much room for drama. Priad of Damocles, of the Iron Snakes of Ithakareaches the end of a long and gruelling campaign against Orks. The stories do follow a chronological order, but you can read any of them in isolation and they would still snke a good read.

Many are even surprised at how rapidly unenhanced humans age, or cannot pick out things like puns. And it works very well. There is a much closer link between the upper echelons and hrothers marines than you might expect, but Abnett manages to make this work. The core story itself is divided up into a multitude of short stories spanning decades, and features Damocles Squad doing everything from training recruits brotbers engaging Chaos warbands.

It creates more of a stark contrast, especially with the Chief Librarian, and it’s only further enhanced by the presence of Dreadnoughts in the final story. An awesome story arch and timeless characters, if you have never picked up a Warhammer 40, book before in your life I highly recommend this one.

I found the book a little jarring and somewhat confusing at first, but it definitely hits it stride later on and becomes quite enjohyable. Throughout the galaxy, numerous Chapters defend the Imperium from all manner of threats and the Chapters themselves are as diverse as the worlds they protect.

The Iron Snakes chapter itself also notably diverts from many expected tropes. We couldn’t have had The Exorcist without Nosferatu making those first few steps, after all. Most marines show completely lack a sense of human social niceties, style of humour or even basic subtleties thanks both to their long lives and internal programming.

After all you are a superior being.

Regardless of how they are viewed, the Iron Snakes of Ithaka take their duty to the Reef Stars as seriously as only Space Marines can, and will go to any lengths possible to protect the sector and its citizenry.

More than a few moments in the story suffer snke narrative convenience to the point where a few break the suspension of disbelief.


In the nearby grain silos they discover the still-alive Pindor and rescue him from becoming a sacrifice to Chaos. We follow them as the main character advances from the Battle Brother to full Space Marines squad commander and fights numerous foes to save humanity abntt the area of space Iron Snakes protect.

We don’t really get that, and outside of two short stories. Something in the warp is stirring. After seeing his squad wiped out, Khiron returned to the chapter fortress and, without reason or warning, shot his brother in the head.

Brothers of the Snake (Literature) – TV Tropes

Extra points are given to the fact that he even manages to make minor characters interesting as well. I have read some other books depicting Space Marines and they are apart from Humans A big one in the third story surrounded how easily a group of glorified cultists could remove the armour plating of a marine without any indication of sorcery or technical know-how. After returning to Ithaka, Priad relaxes his standards, just once, and renews his bond of brotherhood with his squad by diving the trench himself.

The Bad Brotehrs ironic thing about Brothers of the Snake is that almost every one of its strengths is a double-edged blade, holding it back or limiting what you would normally expect of it in some way. A common criticism of other books was that the marines shown there were often all too human, and lacked the more noted mental reshaping the lore stressed.

Only Khiron seemed to truly stand out, and that was as much thanks to his unique role as his introduction. Jul 19, Conrad Kinch rated it really liked it. In the hands of a lesser writer this would have turned them into the edgelord legion, or made them unlikable, but Abnett manages to avert this issue.

Negatives; its very episodic I think that might have been part of the original design? Recruits, referred to as “petitioners” with the chapter, do not appear to take to the field as Scouts ; instead they operate as Chapter staff and personal servants for the full Battle-Brothers.

I don’t even know exactly where to start except by saying abett there are not very many books that I can wholeheartedly give a 5-star beothers to, but considering the fact that at many points in time I was quite literally shouting at the book, I’d say it earned it.

They provide some excellent action scenes but also a lot of interesting background about the chapter, the squad and the individual marines. Warhammer 40, 1 – 10 abntt books. Certainly, have the odd ancient conspiracy or Chaos possession to keep things interesting, but this was a chance to focus more on Eldar Corsairs, pirate threats or the like.

Brothers of the Snake

For reference I’m trying to be more conservative in my ratings becasue I was giving everything fours For the looping relationship snakee Priam and the mortal woman which bookends brohers story, for an interesting view of Space Marines from a mortal perspective, for the very strong greek-influenced culturation of the Chapter and the stars under This is very nearly a four and I think it probably will be a four in my memory as the good parts stand out and the poorer elements are forgotten over time.


That’s not to its detriment either, as some of the book’s best moments stem from its ability to create an engaging plot without some ancient crisis arising. I also hope Abnett will continue to explore this awesome chapter and this awesome character he My goodness what a fantastic novel. The Verdict Brothers of the Snake is still a classic with good reason, but there’s no denying that the lessons it laid down have become so commonplace they can easily be taken for granted. May 20, Christian rated it it was amazing.

This was part of an beothers design to be sure, and Priad himself is pushed into something of a character arc, but it doesn’t quite work. In cases of responding to general aid requests from the worlds of the Reef Starsit is customary to dispatch only one Battle-Brother from the closest squad to investigate.

Each of the stories involves the members of Damocles being sent to take care of some enemy and often trying to overcome that foe.

The thing I found fascinating is the culture and traditions of the Chapter and how much they have diverged from their progenitors. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. One thing I liked, well loved, is the inclusion of Dark Eldars on this kf. We see it all from the POV of characters from that world — most of it through the eyes of Antoni, the primary clerk who actually sent the message.

Written in an episodic style, Abnett manages to make each episode unique, but also maintains a sense of the whole and keeps up forward momentum. Da igual lo que sean y por lo que luchen.

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! The first-ever squad-leaders of the Chapter have become immortalized within its ranks, as their names have been retained as the official designation of the squads they first led.

Another golden winner from Dan Abnett in my opinion. His prose runs back and forth across the quality boundary like a galloping horse.