FFT10 interface or RS interface. For. For. EKC EKC For. For .. Danfoss can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures . Introduction. Features. EKC (for panel mounting) and EKC EKC and are used for. • temperature Danfoss Pt sensors are supplied with . Danfoss EKC – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The alarm danfosx only become visible, when a set time delay has been passed. There are two kinds of error repor ts – either an alarm occurring during the daily operation, or a defect in the installation. Later, when the alarm ceases, the alarm text will be retransmitted, but now with status value 0. It is transmitted nowhere.

Send your message to this supplier. It’s a community-based elc which helps to repair anything. Alarm relay not activated Room temp. Real-time clock With this module you can set up to six individual times for defrost star ts per 24 hours. Contact Now Customized Request.

Defrost method Here you set whether defrost is to be accomplished with electricity or hotgas. When a PT sensor is used, the temperature will be shown with one decimal 0.

The controller comes in several versions with a growing number of functions – from 2201 simple one with just one relay to more advanced versions with three relays.


The function delays the defrost with the set number of minutes, but only for the very first defrost after energy has been supplied to the controller. A door switch is connected and the controller will register when the DI input is open.

Danfoss Temperature Controller Electronic Controller Ekc 201

Room temperature control by pump down. Cut-out defrost sensor E4 Def. Read codes Alarm relay not cause of alarm mode activated 12 Room temp.

High-temperature alarm A1 High temp. It is also a must that each controller receives power from its danfos, separate power supply unit. The operation of the controller can now be carried out via the data communication.

If the net frequency is 60 Hz there will be the following limitations: The display shows the actual room temperature, but by activating the keys the display changes To the set or the actual temperature of the defrost sensor. Danfoss Place of Origin: With these settings it will only be possible to set the reference between the two values. Three LEDs indicate the actual condition of the system: Easy to re-establish factory setting.

This function is used when too long kec cables have to be corrected. But before you can change the value, you require access to the menu. Shor tcircuited room sensor E3 Air sensor s.


Controller for temperature control – EKC 201 and EKC 301 Manual

All alarms are indicated by the three LEDs flashing at once. Normal operation or alarm Unknown codes and settings Change Power off Room temp.

Real time clock battery driven can danfose fitted. This input will register the position of a connected switch and depending on the functions you want to use, it will work, as follows: In the event of error function, the actual parameter code can be displayed.

Defrost Defrost The controller contains a timer function, so that the defrost can star t periodically, e.

Danfoss Electronic Controller (EKC EKC ) –

Temperatures, times, operating conditions, parameter codes and alarm and fault codes Can be read from the display. If there is a status code it will be shown in the display. Change Code Re-establish all factory settings Change Room temp.

If SPST is cut in, defrost starts. A02 Lower deviation Temperature alarm delay If one of the two limit values is exceeded, a timer function will star t. Push the lower button Set of a menu 1. Have Own Export License. E Here you can see how controllers are mounted and programmed.