Synchronicity: the bridge between matter and mind by F. David Peat. Authors; Authors and affiliations. K. V. Laurikainen. K. V. Laurikainen. 1. ch. The problems of the psyche are now interesting people and C.G. Jung is evidently beginning to be understood. David Peat’s book on synchronicity is a new. by F. DAVID PEAT PhD Synchronicities are the jokers in nature’s pack of cards for they refuse to play by the rules and offer a hint that, in our quest for certainty.

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A quantum physicist takes us on a dazzling road of interdisciplinary thinking where he explores the depths of Jungian thought, shamanic traditions and physical theories, all in one single stroke, without trivialising any of them.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind

The author is a former theoretical physicist, and Wolfgang Pauli was a theoretical physicist, so many other physicists are mentioned in the book, for example Werner Heisenberg pp. Josip Tutavac rated it really liked it Aug 27, The Speculum of Inscape and Landscape.

Sep 11, Jeremiah Oakes rated it it was amazing. As if asking the question would somehow change the rather inexplicable course on which I or we appear to be.

The Bridge Between Matter and Mind discusses the history of synchronicity, and the relationship between Jung and the physicist Wolfgang Pauli and attempts to further this liaison between psychology and physics.

Setians, Initiates, Chaos Magicians. Un libro que realmente establece un puente entre la mente y la materia. Published October 14th by Bantam first published May 1st It is highly objective and scientific as much as it can be while dealing with this type of speculations.


I think the greatest benefit of epat book is that it provides a background and an overview of sunchronicity concept of synchronicity. David Peat – – Bantam Books. Joyce rated it really liked it Aug 25, Jean-Robert Richard rated it it was amazing Jun 13, He has worked actively as a theoretical physicist in England and Canada.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Discusses the potential union of matter and mind, both of them being simultaneously reflecting reality in davie.

Time, Synchronicity and Evolution.

Stephen rated it really liked it Oct 17, Paperbackpages. For the scientifically trained like myselfthis was a great way to explore the facts vs the fiction. No trivia or quizzes yet. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Ideas on Synchronicity – F. David Peat

It was interesting at first, when it talks about, well, synchronicity, and Carl Jung’s study of the subject. It delved into topics such as the ultimate blurriness between mind and matter and wider orders of time. Three chapters are about Sigmund Freud pp. What kept me going, though, besides not wanting peag feel stupid, is that the subject is just so interesting, and I’m sure if I were qualified to understand Peat’s position better, I would better appreciate what he has to say in this book.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. dynchronicity

While such an axis exists within the logic of a dream it can have no actual existence in our physical three-dimensional space! The book was especially entertaining and had a creative approach synchroniccity explaining the paranormal while referencing mythology to date the paranormal experience. Strongly recommended for anyone who is beginning to doubt that the mechanical scheme of universe might not be the entire truth about it or who is beginning to sense that our daily consciousness is only a tip of the iceberg of what our minds are capable of.

It’s indeed an idea which is related to ” the question of the origin of life and the universe ” and which has ” occupied thinkers down through the ages ” p.

Coincidentally, I run into Pauline the synchrpnicity day which I thought odd, because at this time, we would only see each other maybe times per year. Peat is the author of many books including a biography of David Bohm, with whom Peat collaborated, books on quantum theory and chaos theory, as well as a study of Synchroni Synchrohicity has worked actively as a theoretical physicist in England and Canada.

Fortune and the Prepared Mind. This entry has no external links.