Download/Embed Table | Unique region found in oguC from publication: shape the highly chimeric mitochondrial genome of a cybrid plant. Article. Nov Descarga. Resumen OGUC. Resumen-normas-de-accesibilidad-contenid Descarga. Emplazamientos de Obras. Manual Práctico de Construcción LP. Descarga. Valores Unitarios, MINVU Mayo Tabla que Fija Valores Unitarios para el cálculo de los Derechos Municipales. RE fija valores. pdf.

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This and other solutions of interest are detailed in Table 11mentioning both the total thickness of the construction element E T as their relative rankings of fire resistant RF Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo, In this study ouc evaluated the properties of a prefabricated housing prototype with 64mm thick panel based construction technology known as “Structural Insulated Panel” SIP hereinafter SIP64which was built by two 9.

Proyecto Viviendas de Emergencia, Parte 1: As main products Manuals for Manufacturing, Installation, Technical Specifications and Regulations for EH were developed and are available online for free. Latin American Perspectives, 44 4 Structural Insulated Panel Guide, Fire resistance Title 4 from chapter 3 of the OGUC, states that all buildings must meet minimum standards of fire safety, in order to facilitate rescue of occupants, minimize the risk of fire, prevent the spread of and facilitate fire-extinguishing fires.

As part of the research program, a number of full-size fire-endurance tests were carried out on wood-frame and descarga walls. Natural Hazards, 86 1 An alternative that allows to propose an analytical justification of the fire behaviour of light wood paneling is the Component Additive Method CAMThe National Building Code of Canada provides architects, engineers and builders with a simple, practical calculation method for assigning fire-resistance ratings to wood-frame and steel-frame wall, floor and roof-ceiling assemblies.

Once the total thermal resistance R T was obtained the thermal transmittance U of the SIP64 panel was determined as follows:. For nearly 46 years, there has been an implicit acceptance by the State of Chile to deliver this type of prefabricated homes, a temporary solution, which is supported in the absence of regulations, prioritizing quantity and fabricating and building speed over quality of the product, leaving behind concepts as basic and important to the healthy development of Chilean families as the housing wellness itself.


The element kept flame tight to the end of the test. To accomplish this, the tested element has to be of real size. Component additive method CAM for calculating and demonstrating assembly fire endurance.

This panel was manufactured in accordance with NCh It was necessary to define the factors of habitability and safety to be considered as a minimum for emergency housing: The sample dimensions have to fit the furnace, so a 2.

In recent years, Latin American countries have oghc from the constant housing deficit, which destroys the possibilities of the first property by the neediest populations. In this study the properties of a prefabricated panel prototype is evaluated based on Structural Insulated Panel SIP construction technology characterizing it as a basic element for emergency housing. Therefore, it is necessary to propagate studies, research and information on industrialized housing construction techniques, such as wood frame Almeida et al.

Emission of flammable gases: These requirements have set thermal conditioning to the envelope of residential oguf. This percentage of framing includes headers, which are typically 4 percent of the wall area, descargzr studs, plates and full-cavity width blocking.

From Table 7 a 9. This may serve as a model for other manufacturers in the private sphere as long as they respect the technical standards, which are particularly well resolved in timber construction due to Chilean experience and skills.

Clasificación de las construcciones

The heat to overcome the difference between the base temperature and the comfort temperature is supplied by the internal heat gains such as occupants, appliances, and lighting. Disaster risk perception in urban contexts and for people with disabilities: Based on the times assigned by the CAM and the Rules of Harmathy, one could pose a dividing wall solution that meets the F60 requirement as follows:.

This rate Descargra is achieved by incorporating two sheets of 10mm plasterboard on each side with wooden racks and filled with mineral wool solution 0213.

The method was to determine the thermal resistance of a layer of material of plane and parallel surfaces, by the following equation: Consequently the fire resistance of SIP64 panel 2103 to be 17 minutes, reaching the F15 classification according to Table 6. Advanced framing – Construction guide, Ma, Based on this classification, fire resistance requirements, expressed as an index of classification for each of the building types are set, so as descargaar fire walls, partition walls between units, stairs and horizontal supporting elements, among others, meet certain degree of fire resistance.


This implies that two SIP64 sample panels, of 1. Thickness of the layer of homogeneous material [m].

The method was to determine the thermal resistance of a layer of material of plane and parallel surfaces, by the following equation:. SIP64 was manufactured rescargar a main element for construction of EH. In the upper and lower ends of the panel, polystyrene is trimmed to place sills, necessary joints for the construction system. A collaborative industry-government research program was carried out recently at the National Research Council Canada to develop new fire-resistance ratings for gypsum-board protected walls.

This housing wellness can be evaluated by various factors of habitability and safety. It was our interest to evaluate the thermal insulation and fire resistance of the SIP64 panel. This means that the contribution of the plasterboard panel is at least 15 minutes, although individually plasterboard 10 mm may be assigned a shorter fire resistance according to table 7. To that end, in OGUC buildings are classified in types a, b, c, and d according to: The thermal insulation was evaluated by NCh However it fails to classify as F60 when another layer of the same material plaster board on the outer face is added solution 4.

Consequently, the fire resistance of these panels is determined almost exclusively by the coatings. November 11, ; Accepted: Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo The Impact of the Chilean Earthquake of Chile has incorporated changes described in Section 4. Ministerio de la Descwrgar. The idea descatgar habitability responds to compliance with certain parameters and standards among which stand out: Analytical calculation obtained from the thermal resistance of the SIP64 panel was equal to 1.