It seems that at least once a month or so, I get an email from someone who’s found me online, asking me if they could use dowsing to win the lottery. And if yes . However, when it comes to dowsing for lottery numbers this is controversial. There are people who say that one should not gamble for personal. Free download of Dowsing the Lottery by Gene Morris. that gives us those sporadic yet definitive abilities can also help us pick winning lottery numbers?.

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There have been many people who have have used their pendulum to win comfortable amounts of money.

This is a part of our brain that we rarely use – except when we sleep – or when dowsinf use our sixth sense. This is because they could taint it with their energy.

For example, I have tickets that I have already filled dowsjng with different combinations and asked a specific question. That would be short-changing ourselves out of tremendous opportunity for growth.

I dowsed 8, 2, 6. Is there an aspect of this human experience that you wish your intuition could get you out of altogether … like having to deal with money? Keep doing this until you have picked all the numbers out using your pendulum.


Remote viewing/ dowsing winning lotto numbers! experiment.

The three numbers picked out by my pendulum actually came up. It will then merely give you the answers you wish for, rather than allowing the pendulum to move freely. Because from the moment we are born, we take all in. A clear, precise and understandable video which should not be missed. The more you use your pendulum the stronger your spiritual ‘vibration’ will be. But intuition will not let us abdicate our responsibility to actively create our experience.

Once they have been shuffled, clear your mind and concentrate on the time of your lottery that is about to be played.

Dowsing The Lottery Review | Spiritual Awakening

However they could be drawn in a ‘near-future’ lottery, So stick with the numbers. This is because it is taking in your energy. If, at any time your pendulum moves in an anticlockwise movement, this is a ‘NO’.

Once you have found this out. I hit 2 out of 5 numbers and I was real close dowsng two of the other numbers.

I had great success with this but it wasn’t until much later in life, I became interested in ‘dowsing’. And over the years I used to watch my mother tell someone’s future by merely reading the tea leaves within their cup.


Dowsing the Lottery

Email Address never made public. And especially, when you are not worrying about something. This is how you pick lottery numbers using your pendulum.

So the potential is there when dowsing for numbers using the pendulum. Allow the pendulum to dangle. These answers come lottery our ‘Higher Selves’ – or ‘Spirit Guides’.

Soul Realignment | Dowsing to win the lottery

Again, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that users of the pendulum should always carry their pendulum with them. Keep a clear mind at all times. The ltotery numbers were 8, 3 and 0. Has anyone had any success with dowsing for lottery numbers? Simply go on to the next number in line. I am being more aware of what my tool is saying to see if it is close or right on. Remember, you do not know which number is which.