Horacio Verbitsky (born ) is an Argentine left-wing investigative journalist and author with Horacio Verbitsky .. El vuelo, Planeta (Bs. As.), “Well-known and prolific journalist presents the story of Francisco Scilingo, the retired naval officer who disclosed many Dirty War activities, especially. Database Record Number: Persistent URL: doc/3aeefc/. Title: Horacio Verbitsky, El Vuelo, Planeta, Buenos Aires.

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The government-sponsored bill set to reform the intelligence services will be discussed for the first time in Congress tomorrow, but experts and human rights groups are already voicing out their objections. In a surprising turn of events that shows the complicity of public agencies with those crimes, the head of the Attorney General’s Office of San Isidro, Julio Alberto Novo, was indicted for cover-up and violating his duties as a public official.

Why was it that he never questioned them? Nisman alleged that the memorandum of understanding grew out of a trade deal for Iranian oil. He met with Verbitsky for several taped sessions telling him “We did terrible things there, worse than the Nazis”.

Inhe reported on the confessions of naval officer Adolfo Scilingohofacio torture and executions by the Argentine military during the —83 Dirty War.

Ten times throughout its judicial complaint, Nisman says Argentina had an urgency or an energy crisis, that he classifies as severe, for which the country needed Iranian oil, in exchange for which it proposed meat and grains.

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Retrieved from ” https: Monday, January 12, A shift in this approach would only take place with the signining of the Memorandum of Understanding between Buenos Aires and Tehran. Sincehe has earned national acclaim for his writings and political columns, focusing primarily in the unmasking of political corruption and the promotion of a free press, denouncing any government policies that may affect the constitutional rights of free speech to journalists and citizens.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A best seller in Argentina, the book received mixed reviews from critics abroad. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ships with Tracking Number! Who will lead investigations?

Horacio Verbitsky

The Buenos Aires Herald, February 2, Verbitsky claims he was approached on the subway in November by vdrbitsky officer Adolfo Scilingo who offered to discuss human rights abuses by the Argentine military during the Dirty War.

Maybe some of the middlemen taped by Nisman believed they might gerbitsky their contacts with the powerful —both in Tehran and Buenos Aires— to seal a deal and receive a commission. The case links the most shocking files of drug-trafficking: But their pathetic ignorance of the structural conditions of trade between the two countries made it impossible.

The commander of the Montoneros, Mario Firmenich, in a radio interview in late from Spain in turn stated that “In a country that experienced a civil war, everybody has blood in their hands. Verbitsky claims hiracio was approached on the subway in November by naval officer Adolfo Scilingo who offered to discuss human rights abuses by the Argentine military during the Dirty War.

May not contain Access Codes or. He described the move to create a truth commission with Iran as an ingenuous attempt to push forward the quest for justice, though he el vuelo horacio verbitsky that will now be difficult.

Verbitsky also cautioned against over-simplifying the case. Verbitsky was born in Buenos Aires in and he is the son of the also Argentinean journalist and writer Vuepo Verbitsky.

Verbitskythe president of CELS, pointed out to me that only two pages of Nisman’s nearly three-hundred-page report concern the legal basis of the criminal charges against the President, which is striking considering the magnitude of the accusations.

In other vuello Wikimedia Commons. Monday, January 26, However, CELS said these parametres should be more clear in the final version of the legislation. This page was last el vuelo horacio verbitsky on 18 Julyat They are indicted cuelo, in short, obstructing justice.


Thursday, February 5, Who will lead investigations? This new function, far from helping intelligence agents to work on information collection as well as data and information analysis, will make it harder for the Argentine state to move away “from the promiscuous relationship between the intelligence structure and federal justice”, as criticized by CFK during the national broadcast where she announced the new proposed changes. He did not have the support of the local Jewish community, and he had circumvented the judge hhoracio had long presided over the AMIA case.

Confessions of an Argentine Dirty Warrior”. But the bill grants more power to the new department in the area of criminal investigation, a decision that “contradicts the basic goal verbktsky the reform,” the centre said. Noted human rights advocate Gabriel Levinas and his investigative team in early September came out with a quickly best-selling book, Doble Agente. Retrieved March 17, According to the bill, horscio will be recruited in a more transparent way and will be constantly monitored by their superiors, who will be able to remove them from their posts if they are accused of targeting authorities.


The mysterious death of Alberto Nismanwho was investigating a terrorist attack, has alarmed many Vervitsky but others warn against over-simplifying the case.

Verbitsky heads the CELS, a human rights group that helped to secure a settlement for Amia families in which the government took responsibility for not preventing the bombing and for covering up what happened.

As part of that deal, Argentina would request that Interpol withdraw its red notices on Iranian suspects.