APPLICATION FOR MONTHLY PENSION. FORM D(EPS). EMPLOYEE’S PENSION SCHEME, (Read INSTRUCTIONS before filling in this Form). 1. EMPLOYEES’ PROVIDENT FUND ORGANIZATION. Pension Claim Form ( Aadhaar). (Form 10 D). (To be used only by Employees/members where complete. EPS is applicable to all members who joined EPF after

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Previously EPFO asks for 3 photographs, but now they are taking 4 photographs.

How to Fill EPS Pension Form 10D to claim EPS Pension

EPS balance will be 0. Can you tell me why it is showing zero? Under the modified scheme, the minimum monthly pension for widows has been fixed at Pef 1, and for children at Rs per month.

All the above documents and form should be attested by your employer, or any gazetted officer. If pension is being drawn under E. In support of the date of death, death Certificate should be enclosed. Rorm can I get the monthly pension.

As mentioned earlier Lifelong pension is available to the member. Scheme Certificate is also an authentic record of service.

When can an employee start receiving a Pension? The list of surviving family members of the Member, formm his spouse, all children should be furnished. You can get your Pension in Kolkata. Did you leave some organization and submitted form 10C? In any case, only 2 children will receive pension at a time.


I retired at Dhule Maharashtra send informaion about bank list where I open account. Vorm, the minimum pension entitlement for orphans has been fixed at Rs per month.

When a child reaches 25 years of age, the third child below 25 yrs of age will be given pension and so on. Sir, My pension application form 10D was rejected by pf office asking scheme certificate. Record, vorm Municipal authorities should be enclosed. All my documents are misplaced somehow. The opted date cannot firm prior to date of attaining 50 years age and date of leaving service. The particulars of Guardian should be given in respect of each minor child, as of the date of application.

Photographs of your family including you, your spouse and children below age of 25 yrs.

Can they both be the same? She has account in other nationalized bank. On sanction of Pension, intimation will be sent to the pensioner to contact the bank.

Lifelong pension is available to the member. Good day sir, I worked almost 18 years with a petrochemical plant in Mumbai, Took prematured VRS from the organisation in the year of You can withdraw the EPF once you leave the organization after filling Form If you wpf multiple Scheme Certificate you need 10 submit all of those. Should she send again to employer for widow pension?

How to Fill EPS Pension Form 10D to claim EPS Pension

My employers closed the mill. EPS Scheme Certificate is issued if the Member has not attained the age of 58 while leaving an establishment and He applies for this certificate if his service is less than nine years and six months 10 years or Withdraws from EPF after completing 10 years of contribution to EPF then he cannot withdraw money from EPS and would get Scheme Certificate. He had retired from private service in gorm In support of the age of children, age proof certificate obtained from the school or Registrar of Birth-death or E.


I spent my remaining days In overseas. Minimum Pension you will get Rs 1, Now I am 58 yrs and residing for West Bengal.

Comments Good day sir, I worked almost 18 years with a petrochemical plant in Mumbai, Took prematured VRS from the organisation in the year of Which form needs to be filled? If the reason for leaving service was on account of total and permanent disablement, as indicated by the establishment to the P.

Your email address will not be published. No, you cannot withdraw EPS.

But period of transfer is recorded. My father was in an establishment from to Dorm have EPS no. Sir, I have already retired on Commutation is the option to receive a capital sum today instead of receiving a monthly pension for rest of your life.