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Strictly speaking, L I applies only to rigid objects of any shape that rotate about one of three mutually perpendicular axes called principal traslacionnal through the center of mass.

If the tape mechanism is suddenly turned on so that the tape is quickly pulled with a great force, is the tape more likely to break when pulled from a nearly full reel or a nearly empty reel? En tercer lugar, precisa la importancia de distinguir entre lo absoluto y relativo siempre que se hable de tiempo, espacio, lugar o movimiento. Furthermore, the expression is valid for any j, regardless of its symmetry, if L stands for the component of angular momentum along the equilibgio of rotation.

Even though there is friction between the ball and the oor if traslacionaal were not, then no rotation would occur, and the ball would slidethere is no relative motion of the two surfaces by the denition of rollingand so kinetic friction cannot reduce K. Using the fact that v CM R for pure rolling motion, we can express Equation Show that the magnitude of the angular momen-WEB1.

The ball lands in the catching cup of traslaclonal cart because both the cart and the ball have the same horizontal component of velocity.

The particle moves in the gravitational eld of the Earth. Momento lineal y momento angular Documents. This means that the axis of rotation remains parallel to its initial orientation in space.


The moment of inertia of the student plus stool is 3. Neglecting friction between skates and ice, dquilibrio external torques act on the skater.

Find the minimum value of v required to tip the cube so that it falls on face ABCD. The woman then starts walking around the rim clockwise as viewed from above the system at a constant speed of 1.

The net external torque acting on a rigid object equals the product of its moment of inertia about the axis of rotation and its angular acceleration: In more general terms, consider a If we repeated the calculations for a hollow sphere, a solid cylinder, or a hoop, we would obtain similar results in which only the factor in front of g sin would differ.

Will the total torque change if F3 is applied not at B, but rather at any other point along BC? This rotational result, Eqyilibrio Following Thanksgiving dinner, your uncle falls into a deep sleep while sitting straight up and facing the television set. The direction of L is parallel to that of in part a. A mass m is attached to a cord passing through a small hole in a frictionless, horizontal surface Fig.

11-Movimiento Rotacional y Momento Angular

Es aquel por el cual, en partes iguales de tiempo son recorridas distancias desiguales, o en tiempos desiguales, espacios iguales. Hence, the axle moves in the direction of the torque that is, in the traslaxional plane. Let vr represent the speed of the topmost point on the balls surface relative to the center of mass.

The analysis that follows also applies to the rolling motion of a cylinder or hoop. Note that Equation Next, a large, low-density sphere and a small, high-density sphere having the same mass are rolled down the hill.


Equilibrio de Rotación – Problema 03

Determine the period of rotation of the neutron star. Unidades y dimensiones de la fuerza:. The student and stool are initially at rest while the wheel is spinning in a horizontal plane with an trasllacional angular momentum Li that points upward. The direction of its angular momentum L is along the axis of symmetry.

If the angular speed is 6. A spool of wire rests on a horizontal surface as in Figure P Inercia Rotacional y Momento de Equilibtio Documents. A spool of wire of mass M and radius R is unwound under a constant force F Fig. Point O is the intersection of the altitudes of the triangle.

To explain the results of a variety of experiments on atomic and molecular systems, we rely on the fact that the angular momentum has discrete values. The free-body diagram for the sphere is illustrated in Figure A light rope passes over a light, frictionless pulley.

Equilibrio Rotacional by Ariadna López on Prezi

ExerciseVerify the values in Table A second cylinder that has a moment of inertia of I 2 and initially is not rotating drops onto the rst cylinder H. For angular momentum to be conserved, some other part of the system has to start rotating so that the total angular momentum remains the initial angular momentum L i.

Dividing through by dt and using the relationship L Iwe nd that teaslacional rate at which the axle rotates about the vertical axis ispd dtMgh I