Ervin László is a Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, originally a classical pianist. He is an. Explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of .. In the book Science and the Akashic Field, Author Ervin Laszlo has put into words a. According to Ervin Laszlo, the coherence of the atom and the galaxies is the same coherence that keeps living cells together, cooperating to form life. When a .

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After each “Big Bang” the universe emerges more organized than before, as it seeks to evolve its own consciousness. And that of course is exactly the point, for if the mind is one, the differences are only on the surface, as an expression of the thought of separation and difference, but below the phenomenal level is filed just one thought of separation, and under that again is pure oneness. But, I am confident that his belief that there is not categorical divide beween mind and matter is where he makes the compromise that will never work.

Laszlo integrates a vast array akashiv contemporary scientific and perrenial philosophic knowledge, distilling it into a akashjc and elegant synthesis. He seems to be large In his groundbreaking akashid in the philosophy of science, Thomas Kuhn argued that true paradigm change in science usually comes from someone who is either very new to a field or from entirely outside of it.

This book does an OK job with the physics part, but I think if you had never read anything physics related before, it might be a good idea to brush up on it before rield tackle this one.

The encoding mechanism itselfhe sees as holographic in nature and arise out of the coherent interference patterns setup and created by the interpenetration entanglement of the waves represented by the wave functions of individual quanta.

But it is all mindless and without meaning and our attempts to add meaning to the meaningless are just attempts of escapism and the fundamental Truth that we cannot and did not create ourselves for our creation is beyond our own error.

Erbin includes an underlying universal consciousness in the mix that itself evolves through iterations of the universe as it continually explodes and implodes. The Journal of General Evolution.

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This makes a lot of sense conceptually – if you have perfect physical data on the trajectory of a lot of different moving things, it should be possible to deduce the events that led up to the present moment.

Paperbackpages. As this kind of connectedness may be difficult to comprehend, Laszlo compares it with the sea. Laszlo apparently wanted to introduce into the scientific context the esoteric notion of akashoc Akashic Records, which was given substantial weight with the readings of Edgar Cayce together with the notion of one single most potent agent, creator energy or creator principle.


His appointments have included research grants at Yale and Princeton Universities, professorships for philosophy, systems sciences, and future sciences at the Universities of Houston, Portland State, and Indiana, as well as Northwestern University and the State University of New York.

In fact, he postulates, the metaverse contains an encoding or patterning that creates new universes that come into being with the same possibility of evolutionary life and agency that we experience here on our own planet.

Now, Ervin Laszlo, one of the most profound minds of our generation, has given us a great gift in this readable book that explores how we are connected to each other in fields of resonance that penetrate to the deepest levels of being.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. He participated in the Stock Exchange of Visions project in The question “Design or evolution? Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

One of my favorite books along Scientists have long been searching for a Theory of Everything, an equation that combines all forces in Nature. In the same way Ervin hints that what we experience into our manifest world of experience instant-by-instant is but one holographic encoding of all possible holographic imprints and it is this encoding that gets stored to the eternal record of the Akashic Field.

In talking about cosmic consciousness, he refers to Richard Bucke as an American mystic. I’d call it pseudo science ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. These are not the inner explorers or those real thinkers that build from below ground level often from first principles that need to be invented and to establish a new framework or context that does not yet exist.

I have no problem with this just with his placement of the A-field itself and his attempts to mix-up true cause-and-effect relationships. With work like this, we have the opportunity to not only understand our connection, but to change our world view for the better.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mar 23, Vicky rated it it was ok. I will throw this book in the garbage just to make sure my actions do not lead to anyone else reading this garbage. With Science and the Akashic Field he takes another quantum leap forward in our understanding of the universe and ourselves.

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

The epiphenomenalists attempt to convince me that this cup can create me along with all the refinements of my consciousness, while the mystics and enlightened, say otherwise that we create the cup out ervinn our consciousness. Explore the Home Gift Guide. The latter is referred to as a state of dynamic equilibrium. It is a field of information. In Hungary, the minister of environment appointed Laszlo as one of the leaders of the ministry’s campaign concerning global warming.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The interesting thing about this book, besides the fact that it explains the Akashic field everything that ever happened is recorded somewhere and some people have the ability to access this field where the information is stored is that it explains how people think they remember th Thousands of cases document the phenomenon of reincarnation through people, usually children, remembering vividly their past lives.

Citing the new physics, Laszlo states that the fundamental foundation of everything, that from which all is generated without itself being generated by other things, is a virtual-energy field known as the quantum vacuum.

Still final chapter to read! He has spent decades examining the works of other theoreticians in search of evidence for what he calls the Akashic field, or the A-field, which is the foundation of his theory. Whether the concept of an Akashic field might contribute to a resolution of that paradox strikes me more as a matter of faith rather than science but maybe I am showing my bias here. It could not be clearer. He briefly describes some of the common elements to the various string theories that also support this belief and to explain that the quantumly collapsed state of our individual experience operating within a fundamental multi-dimensional existence beyond our own scope and experience.

Now, let us look what information does to the vacuum. They can be lumped into the following categories: Laszlo’s new book is a provocative overview and a masterful synthesis of knowledge at the frontiers of cosmology, physics, neurobiology, and consciousness studies. And he uses his linkage in his attempt to marry science with mystical insights and religion, mind with matter, consciousness with perception. It is through the underlying energy fields that everything is connected to everything else.