Evernight Tome 3 de Claudia Gray. Résumé: Evernight Tome 2 – Claudia Gray . Evernight Âmes Captives tome 2 Les devins – G.H. David. Achetez et téléchargez ebook Stargazer (Evernight Book 2) (English Edition): Bianca et lui sont séparés étant donné les évènements de la fin du tome 1 et ne. Never sky / La série de l’impossible, tome 2: Ever dark / A travers la nuit sans fin Titre original: Under The Never Sky, book 2: Through the Ever Night ().

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Bianca gives in to temptation, bites Lucas and drinks his blood. He is killed by Mrs. Several members of Black Cross are killed including Lucas’s stepfather Eduardo whose neck is broken by Mrs. Ranulf White is a student at Evernight Academy. He is very good to the people he loves but he’s not good at expressing how he feels. Although she could have killed Lucas, who offered himself to her as long as she did not let him rise, she dies and becomes a wraith. She was haunted by a wraith who lived in her house so she left to live in Evernight.

The series finishes after Bianca reflects on the rest of her eternal life as a bridge between worlds for the wraiths. Erich is a student at Evernight Academy and is the typical Evernight type according to Bianca. While in Charity’s dreams he and Bianca see a house with smoke emitting from the chimney.

In the attack Balthazar is captured and tied up by Black Cross who begin to torture him to find out why Mrs. He will become a vampire. Before Bianca becomes a wraith, Maxie haunts her at Evernight, insisting that she isn’t “like them” the vampires but is “like [her]” a wraith. The book returns to Bianca’s story a few months later.


Bianca helps the other wraiths to leave the human world. Balthazar has only taken a human life once that is mentioned, at least and he had never stopped tourturing himself for it.

Evernight (series) – Wikipedia

Vic isn’t viewed as particularly bright, but as the series progresses, it’s clear that he knew much more than he let on. Lucas is jealous of Balthazar during Stargazer, when Balthazar and Bianca are at Evernight and have to pretend to date in order to get off campus and Lucas rarely gets to see her, saying that he’s upset another guy gets to spend more time with her.

She will risk anything for the chance to see him again, even if it means coming face-to-face with the vampire hunters of Black Cross—or deceiving the powerful vampires of Evernight. Bethany reveals that she plans on killing Bianca so she could become human again but her plans are stopped when Lucas and her parents arrive.

On Bianca’s birthday Lucas takes her to the planetarium where they are attacked by wraiths. Lucas disagrees and leaves. Bethany is up to something so agree to help Bianca and her friends to search the school for the traps set by Mrs. Bianca realises that she must kill a human and become a full vampire otherwise she will die. He stalks Raquel by stealing her possessions and scratching on her roof at the night to scare her. This time, she is more curious, but is interrupted before she can investigate further.


Afterlife is a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released on March 3, At the Cafe, Lucas is attacked by several Black Cross members, including his mother, who leave after the police are called and although no one is harmed, Lucas is shaken up.

Never sky / La série de l’impossible, tome 2 : Ever dark / A travers la nuit sans fin

Lucas disagrees and leaves as he does not agree with the Morality of it. Bethany and several members of Evernight including Balthazar who is captured. tom

She went to the Autumn Ball with Lucas and was later possessed by Everbight to save the rest of the students. Bianca meets Charity who is Balthazar’s sister. Outside, under the gazebo, she and Lucas evernightt for the first time. Bianca manages to convince Lucas to return to Evernight to seek help for his bloodlust before it is too late and he is consumed by it.

Bethany is up to something, and so agree to help Bianca and her evernnight search the school for the traps set by Mrs. They both escape and later get jobs. Jane and Charity were both captured by Lorenzo,Redgrave and Constantia. He sees the girl with Bianca and thinks she is going to harm her.

She almost loses herself in the crowd when she is waltzing with Balthazar, but is brought back to her senses by simply remembering Lucas.