exercises, they all do tell the same story about a minor brawl in a bus, and . in fact I saw somewhere that Exercices de Style is Queneau’s best seller among the. In “Exercises in Style,” first published in Paris in , Raymond Queneau repeats it 99 times, each time transforming it in some way. The first. Exercises in Style has ratings and reviews. Manny said: MetaFrom what point of view should I review the book? Evidently: from all possible po.

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The unbearable sighs in the offing for a consequential release; the chronic tapping of feet on the cold floor of the slow riding bus; was I geared up for all? A cryptogram is not prose, no matter how cleverly constructed.

Exercises in Style

Raymond’s exercises got me thinking about all manner of things, and I had a few days of intellectual fireworks not my own, more like an appreciation of Raymond’s. The complete review ‘s Review:.

Contact Ted Gioia at tedgioia hotmail. But in French, you’ll have a truly subtle experience. These writings are often hilarious, but also a lot of fun for anyone who appreciates the strengths and flexibility of language.

View all 9 comments. The premise of this book is simple – a little anecdote about a man on a bus, a story so bland that you wouldn’t even put it into your cycle of small talk. From sections which are entirely her own devising — such as those relying on dialect and slang — to the deft touch she shows in those where she qkeneau just imitate Queneau but must aim for close correspondence to the original, this is not only a great book but a great exervises specific to its place the UK and time, but holding up very well even now, half a gaymond later.


So, though I didn’t hate it completely, I’m here to offer a dissenting opinion: Are we being short-changed? It seems like the author is retelling the story in the novel. The Surrealists tried to achieve a sort of pure expression from the unconscious, without mediation of the author’s self-aware “persona. The core story could even have been something Queneau himself witnessed, and wrote about it simply because essentially it’s of little or no importance. Exercises in Style – US.

Who would imagine that the repetition of the same sequence of events, presented 99 times in a row, would result in a classic? Not only did she find ingenious ways to transfer Raymond’s linguistic puzzles into English, she also did the job with charm and esprit, and even found time stjle leave some “Easter Eggs” dotted around the text.

Exercises in Style – Raymond Queneau

Because sense the phrase may well not make I really liked that synchysis exercise but it still takes the form of a grammatically well-formed sentence in French. You skip to ninety-nine in a desperate attempt to save your sanity but no, it is not to be, the last line is more maddening than anything that went before: The literary variations recall the famous 33rd chapter of the rhetorical guide by Desiderius ErasmusCopia: Run the logic past again, will you?

I feel like this book’s high average rating is caused mostly by the fact that the only people who rsymond even know about it are the sort of people who’d like it. uqeneau

Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau. We look at literature with new eyes, we look for where it can go now. Give me something Gallic, some book that is just so right for this France, this Paris, this creative beacon that teems rayomnd contagious culture and ridiculous fashions to this very day, one that can be silly but is often so very, very brave.


It is a profound exploration into the possibilities of language. This reminds me of the production assistant who asked me for a job once. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of sueneau actual reviews by any other measure. Spontaneous Particulars Susan Howe.

Then one day I saw him on the bus and he was arguing with an older man. It was so packed too!! But that doesn’t mean reading it will be just as enjoyable as writing it was.

I think that is exactly the point Queneau was making with Exercises In Style. Here is the incident: The key milestones in the narrative arc— if I can apply such noble phrase on so meager a tale— remain stepped-on toes and a poorly-placed button. Exrrcises we get various conversations, and reports given in a variety of accents, phonetically notated. An “Abusive” chapter heartily deplores the events; “Opera English” lends them grandeur.

Later, in another part of town, the man is spotted again while being advised by a friend to have I think this is a book that should be read in its original language of French.