French term or phrase: fascia de Alban (fascia de Halban). Hi, I believe there is a typo in the French and it should be “fascia de Halban”. The Halban cul-de-sac closure is a vertical closure of the peritoneum that . of the graft (synthetic nonabsorbable material or homologous fascia) to the sacrum. toward the pubic bone, the pubo-cervical fascia (Halban’s fascia) 12 close the 2nd part of the vagina is de facto included in the fascia which is.

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New concept of the anatomy of the anal sphincter mechanism and the physiology of defecation.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Shortening can be accomplished at the beginning of the procedure as long as the anterior cul-de-sac has been entered and the bladder retracted. The appellant argued, inter alia, that the method for the treatment of female urinary incontinence was not known.

However, the use of sacrospinous fixation as an adjunct procedure will prevent further vault prolapse. The numerous attempts in the literature to repair vault prolapse suggest that this condition is a significant problem for the gynecologic surgeon. The strip under consideration is a finished product having a certain shape and certain dimensions. This appeal was filed against the refusal of the application under consideration by the Examining Division ED.

fascia de Alban (fascia de Halban) | French to English | Medical (general)

As a consequence, the subject-matter of claim 1 of request F lacks novelty over D1. However, claim 1 only requires the material of the strip to be biocompatible, which is not limitative at all in the present case.

Functional urological complications after colo-rectal cancer surgery by A. Several modifications fasdia abdominal sacrocolpopexy have been proposed, but this discussion is limited to a single modification of two of them.

This condition, although diagnosed intraoperatively, must be repaired. However, the result remains restoration of the vagina to its normal anatomic position. Dd treatment of vaginal inversion. Therefore, it has to be established whether this use, which constitutes a method for treatment of the human body by surgery or therapy, confers novelty to the claimed subject-matter.

At the time of increased intra-abdominal pressure, the levator plate and endopelvic fascia especially the cardinal-uterosacral complex hold the cervix and upper vagina in their proper positions. The graft is sewn to the vaginal vault and sacral promontory periosteum. Surgical method of identifying the ureters during total vaginal hysterectomy. Superior view of cul-de-sac of Douglas.


Lateral view of completed closure. It has been left online df the request of its readers.

K’s Law: T /09 – What A Strip!

halan Anatomy of the levator ani muscle with special reference halbam puborectalis. Because there is no levator ani muscle between the vagina and the rectum, levator myorrhaphy at this level would not be anatomical.

Stages I to II uterovaginal prolapse. In this chapter, various principles of vaginal fixation during hysterectomy are discussed, including attaching the vagina to the pelvic supporting structures, correcting, or preventing an obvious or potential enterocele, and performing a colpopexy, both vaginal and abdominal.

It is true, as pointed out by the appellant, that other factors, such as the posology of the medicament, can be essential for its therapeutic effect to be obtained.

fascia de Alban (fascia de Halban)

Return to KudoZ list. Of the more than 40 procedures for vaginal vault prolapse described over the past century, three major categories have evolved: Stage I uterovaginal prolapse is defined as the presentation of the cervix past halabn mid portion of the vagina, stage II to the hymen as a result of Valsalva’s maneuver.

As far as sexual physiology is concerned, the authors review the various clinical experiments that have been carried out throughout the world medical literature which shows that there is an erogenous zone in the upper anterior part of the fasci and they believe that Halban’s facia, which is homologous with the corpus spongiosus, is the site of origin of vaginal orgasm.

Randomized comparison of three surgical methods at vaginal hysterectomy to prevent enterocele. Quite to the contrary, as acknowledged by the appellant itself, it depends on the geometry and the positioning of the strip.

[The reality and usefulness of Halban’s fascia].

This space is dissected with the surgeon’s finger to the level of the ischial spine. The authors, in this article, have reviewed the different proofs that confirm that Halban’s fascia does exist. Uterosacral-cardinal ligaments attached to the vaginal membrane.

Am J Obstet Gyencol Whether performed abdominally or vaginally, care must be taken to avoid the ureter because it is so close to the uterosacral ligaments. Therefore, every effort should be made to reattach these fibers to the vaginal vault at the time of hysterectomy to prevent posthysterectomy prolapse.


The authors have been able to find, separate out and use Halban’s fascia in a series of vaginal operations for genital prolapse taking the anatomo-surgical approach. Therefore, it is not necessary to refer this question to the EBA.

Use of a biocompatible material for manufacturing a strip 1 for the treatment of rascia urinary incontinence by means of a method comprising the following steps: If the uterosacral-cardinal ligaments need shortening but hysterectomy must be performed without entering the anterior cul-de-sac, the shortening steps should be performed after the uterus is removed and the bladder and ureters are elevated. The incidence of posthysterectomy hxlban prolapse varies from 0.

Vaginal surgery, 4 edn. Endoscopic suspension of vaginal prolapse. It is therefore necessary, also fasfia this case, to establish whether the dr of this use, which constitutes a method for treatment of the human body by surgery or therapy, may confer novelty to the claimed subject-matter. Limiting treatment to repair of the vaginal vault prolapse without correction of a cystocele, enterocele, rectocele, or paravaginal defect can result in recurrence of other anatomic hernias and failure of the initial repair.

The Halban cul-de-sac closure 11 is a vertical closure of the peritoneum that was first described for abdominal procedures Figs. Most transvaginal hysterectomies have some degree of uterovaginal descensus. Keywords A 2 59 A 3 13 Abandonment 1 Abuse 15 Acceleration of halbzn 4 Admissibility of appeals 63 Admissibility of documents 16 Admissibility of evidence 7 Admissibility of grounds for opposition 3 Fazcia of grounds of appeal 2 Admissibility of interventions 4 Admissibility of objections 1 Admissibility of observations 3 Admissibility of oppositions 12 Admissibility of petitions 3 Admissibility of referrals 1 Admissibility of requests 80 Amendments 17 Appeals: Superior view of the cul-de-sac of Douglas.

Peritoneal closure is complete. Of all the aforementioned procedures, only the McCall-type stitch is effective in preventing and curing an enterocele.

The pubocervical fasciais the common surgical term for the fibromuscular coat Attaching the pelvic supportive structures to the vagina, repairing an obvious or potential enterocele, and using appropriate adjunct procedures are some of the surgical approaches to providing support to the vaginal halvan.