PDF | In the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, the yellow bean of Azufrado-Peruano, Nueva Granada race, which occupies most of the surface area to. Lao: Mac thoua frang heng, Mac thousa khiem. Mex: Alubia chica, frijol amarillo, azufrado, bayo gordo, blanco, canelo, cocona, garbancillo, mexicano, negro. Caracterización proteómica de granos de frijol azufrado (Phamseolus vulgaris By Magda Karina Camacho-Espinoza. About this book.

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Common bean, as one of the main staple foods in the world, is rich in proteins but less favored in iron content. A practical sampling, preparation, analysis, and interpretation guide. The analysis of ferritin gene expression showed that cultivar AH 0. Moreover, these authors report that vit1 over expression in yeast mutant ccc1 increased vacuolar iron in seeds three fold over control cells and increased manganese but not zinc or cadmium.

A simple method for purifying phytoferritin. An introduction to statistical methods and data analysis. In other words, expression was stable across plant stages and plant organs. Evidence for conservation of ferritin sequences among plants and animals and for a transit peptide in soybean.

However, from the nutritional point of view, the relationship between ferritin and iron content for breeding purposes has been less studied.

Contenido de hierro y expresión del gen ferritina en frijol común (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Relative expression of ferritin gene. Our objective was to assess the relationship between ferritin and iron content in different organs of four common bean cultivars throughout its growth cycle to understand the regulation of ferritin synthesis and existing iron at different growth stages, as a preliminary analysis for nutritional breeding purpose.


Iron storage in bacteria. Subunits cp2 and cp5 were produced earlier than subunit cp3 in leaf expansion. As expected, seeds had up to Azufradi our study we did not observe this since in the common bean, the ferritin gene expressed at similar levels in all plant organs and at all growth stages.

Assessment of relative expression. Registration of “Pinto Villa” common bean. However no correlation was observed with iron content indicating an independent event between iron concentration and ferritin expression and protein content. There were significant differences among cultivars.

Registration of ‘Flor de Junio Marcela’ common bean.

Sequence similarities between cp5 and common bean azuufrado did not represent a similar expression pattern. Ferritin mRNA, protein and iron concentrations during soybean nodule development.

The other plant organs showed azkfrado modest increase in protein content across plant growth stages Table 2. The structure of a Phaseolus vulgaris cDNA encoding the iron storage protein ferritin. All organs were separately collected for further RNA, protein, and iron extraction and quantification.

Van der Mark et al.

Ferritin frijjol transcription is regulated by iron in soybean cell cultures. One hundred seeds of each of four common bean cultivars: Leaf, stem, pod, root and seed organs were collected at four phenological stages; stage I: Primers and probe were designed from the 1 bp bean ferritin gene sequenceNCBIusing the software Primer Express version 2.


Frijol Peruano (Azufrado-Higuera) Peruvian Bean

There is also the possibility that the iron detected in bean organs is not only stored in the ferritin protein. Contrary to the similar transcriptional levels of the ferritin gene, there were differences in ferritin protein contents in the plant organs, cultivars and growth stages probably due to the fact that in different tissues protease leads to different amounts of ferritin. Even though the levels of expression in leaf, stem, and seed were different among cultivars, the expression was stable across the growth cycle.

In this work mRNA levels remain constant, whereas protein content was variable along developmental stages and plant organs. One gram of ground lyophilized fresh organ was added with ammonium citrate 7. Regulation of ferritin and transferrin receptor mRNAs. Azufrado Noroeste y Azufrado Higuera, nuevas variedades de frijol para Sinaloa.

Structure and differential expression of the four members of the Arabidopsis thaliana ferritin gene family. Research focusing on the analysis of the iron demand by the plant is abundant.

Caracterización proteómica de granos de frijol azufrado (Phamseolus vulgaris …

Ferritins, iron uptake and storage from the bacterioferritin viewpoint. Iron transport and storage in microorganisms, plants and animals. Structure of photosystem I. Seeds had the highest content starting at stage II