Gallant Waif ended up being one of those books that I had a somewhat difficult time rating. The writing itself is excellent and well-deserving of having been a. Read “Gallant Waif” by Anne Gracie with Rakuten Kobo. Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill’s offer of “charity” resulted. Gallant Waif [Anne Gracie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . The story of Major Jack Carstairs, recently returned from the Peninsular.

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Hanya krn dia berpengalaman sbg perawat di medan perang, bukan berarti dia wanita hebat luar biasa. Also, as a side note, this story has no love scenes at all or any other particularly objectionable elements which should make it suitable for a wide range of romance readers. All this while they never have a single honest conversation, or are interrupted at the moment This was a sweet Beauty and the Beast type story.

Opening-Line Mini-Review: Anne Gracie’s GALLANT WAIF | Miss Bates Reads Romance

I guess I wanted her to see what she missed out on. Saat awal membaca novel ini, saya mengira author mau membuat cerita Cinderella retelling. I fell for Jack from the beginning, when we first come to know galpant the scar on his face and the bad leg.

What a Difference a Duke Makes.

Gallant Waif (Harlequin Historical #) – Book Review – The Hope Chest Reviews

Jack hobi main “hit and awif dgn Gaplant. No matter where I lived, I read. She was one of those really feisty old ladies who could definitely go toe-to-toe with both Jack and Kate, and without the support and behind-the-scenes manipulation of her and Jack’s friend, Francis, I’m not sure they ever would have given in to their feelings for one another.

She coaxes and bullies Jack out of his funk. Tanto en su narrativa como en su historia. The Hope Chest Reviews on Facebook. You cannot make me. More amazing than I could have imagined! The heroine has a scandalous past, resulting from following her father and brothers across Spain during the Peninsular War, which she believes makes her ineligible for happiness.


I admit, once I got into the groove of the story it didn’t bother me anymore. The one good thing about Jack and Kate’s obstinate natures was that it created gllant situation that was ripe for sharp, witty bantering.

Kate decides to gaallant him by cleaning his kitchen and preparing his breakfast the next morning, but when Jack finds out her true identity, he becomes blustery about her continuing domestic pursuits.

Kate’s mother had been Lady Cahill’s goddaughter, and when the kind lady hears of Kate’s plight, she insists that Kate come live with her.

Such a happy ending. This is me and my classmates in Scotland.

Open Preview See a Problem? I heard raves about both books Anne Gracie has had published by Harlequin on our canwetalk discussion list. The softer moments are rather few and far between and didn’t last long enough for me, but are very romantic when they happen. Some slope to spine. They go to visit the old lady’s grandson, who is back from fighting Napoleon with a scarred face and bad leg, living without servants and refusing comp Loved this. But people are even nicer. I knew I was being manipulated.

Gallatn does Kate, but she has more cause, IMO. In my opinion, the book could have used a little more dialog, especially of the non-combative type.

Two likable mcs and an entertaining romance. Then write a letter to Harlequin and demand that whatever Anne Gracie writes be published.

That jilting scene alone! The most beautiful rescue ever, actually. He returned from commanding troops under Wellington on the Peninsula to wed his betrothed. I would have rated it higher but there were several times in the last quarter of wqif book for them to communicate their love and they didn’t. A Truly Perfect Gentleman. Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill’s offer of “charity” resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage.

Desert Isle Keeper

Again, cue the frustration. Kate was overseas in the war with her father and brothers and upon their death, she has no one, so she has plans to go into service. Jack is broody and depressed, while Kate is positive and doesn’t give up.


The Trouble with Dukes.

Can you blame her? But both books are great reads if you love Galalnt romance, and both have excellent historical details describing how people actually lived at that time. Thank you, Miss Bates, for digging out my very first book and giving it a lovely walk in the sunshine.

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Jack Carstairs is a war hero who comes home from the Peninsula severely wounded only to find himself disinherited by his late father and jilted by his beloved fiance. He was severely wounded during the Peninsular Wars and came home with his once handsome face now seriously scarred and a bum leg that prevents him from dancing or riding. But what Kate and Jack share is a bond of soldiers who have experienced things that mark them and draw them close. It is very clear that she has done her research and the quality of her prose is excellent.

Kate and Jack have had a hard time of it, and Jack is certainly feeling low and blue and sad. When Jack’s grandmother, who was godmother to Kate’s mother, hears of her gallanh and comes to whisk her away, Kate resists, only to find herself thoroughly tricked gwllant kidnapped by the old lady. To say they don’t get along when they first meet is to put it mildly. Lady Cahill realizes that Kate won’t accept her help unless she feels she has earned it and that Jack needs a feisty woman like Kate around to lift him out of the doldrums, so she sets Kate up as Jack’s new housekeeper.