working to HVCA TR19 standards. “Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is a huge fire risk with mounting evidence that insurance companies are . Capitla Cleaning provide unrivalled service within this field. DW/TM2 () and TR17 ( and ). Heating and. Ventilating. Contractors’. Association. HVCA. Internal. Cleanliness of Ventilation. Systems. TR /

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To be a member of the HVCA a company has to have been trading for at least three years and pass an independant audit for methods and systems. SDU’s are ideal for separating and enclosing mechanical and electrical services in a stainless steel housing which is aesthetically pleasing.

Specialist Cleaning Services We provide specialist cleaning service to: All food businesses will get a rating from five stars to no stars, which will represent the combined score for compliance with food hygiene and safety.

This can be provided by: Internal cleanliness of ventilation systems No longer current but cited in Building Regulations guidance. Why do kitchen Extract Ducts need cleaning?

Similarly, following other types of cleaning, such as an Air Duct Deep Clean, the cleaning company may issue a certificate stating that the work has been done and hvcca how long it is valid for, and against which standards the cleaning has been completed. The splash-backs should start at approximately mm above the floor level, the exact distance is subject to the depth of the floor coving, and should extend up to ceiling level or, up to the underside of a kitchen canopy, where installed.

Firstly, the specifier’s need to decide what they fr19 and specify te19 clearly.

The client is invited to inspect the work trr19 once satisfied sign a customer acceptance form. A diptank is a vessel which is filled with hot water and a suitable degreaser for the job in hand. Contact Contact us now for a no-obligation survey: The top section of the spine is usually reserved for the electrical services and the lower one for the mechanical services. If these are not regularly removed through cleaning, then the risk of a fire increases as the amount of material deposited increases.

One riser should house the electrical services, while the other should house the mechanical services. Heavysignificant production of grease during normal food production.


A component part of that is a certificate to confirm that their Extract including the Duct has been cleaned by a company ‘fit for purpose’. Includes section on kitchen extract systems.

TR19 Guide to Good Practice. Finally, the premises are tidied up – all rubbish and debris is removed, outside areas tidied up. The outside of the canopy is cleaned and sanitised.

Services distribution units, otherwise known as SDU’s are a means of distributing electrical and mechanical services in a covered sealed void from the point of entry in to the kitchen space, to the range of cooking equipment.

Essex ventilation hygiene specialists provide you with a specialist duct cleaning service for your business. They can be also be used to house local an electrical distribution board and components of fire suppression systems.

How do you hvcw a Kitchen Deep Clean?

Canopy and Duct Cleaning | Ductcleaning Ireland

Once installed, gaps between the panels and the building structure should be fully sealed with food grade silicon sealant. Grease filters are removed from the diptank after the specified soak time, then steam cleaned and dried before being replaced. When air ducts are cleaned on a routine basis, these allergens are removed from the system and the indoor air quality can be improved. In addition we will identify any need for additional access panel installation, which will enable all sections of the ducting, fan and extraction to be satisfactorily cleaned.

Effective kitchen ventilation systems: Lower work performance is frequently symptomatic of poor indoor air quality in offices and schools, and asthma and allergies are more prevalent than ever.

Enter hfca postcode below to get detailed directions from your location to our training centre. On completion of the survey Duct Cleaning Ireland will provide the results which will have established the level measurement of grease.

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Understand your legal responsibilites and liabilites as a kitchen extract cleaner Identify and test areas that may need cleaning Advise clients on their responsibilites and identify their requirements Understand methods and extent of cleaning requirements Operate various types of cleaning equipment, including access panel cutting Issue and gr19 Certificates of Compliance What is included in the cost? The third, highest level requires cleaning by a specialist contractor after installation.


It’s a recipe for under-cutting at tender stage, and conflict throughout the construction and handover stages What Certificate s do I get for Air Duct Cleans? The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta data presented here may be out of date as it is rt19 longer being maintained by the editorial teams at NBS.

The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare What will you learn?

Duct Cleaning Essex

Splashbacks should be manufactured from folded and braced stainless steel sheet and the structure behind should be of a suitably fire rated material. Establishes a level of particulate tf19 verification for both new and existing ventilation systems and an indication of when it is considered appropriate to clean systems in use.

Demonstration of equipment and legal requirements including risks are fully covered. A laminated copy tr1 the hygiene certificate will also be provided for display in the kitchen area. Insufficient fresh air may lead to tiredness, lethargyheadaches, dry or itchy skin and eye irritation in your employees.

General Ventilation or dilution ventilation is a term used to define the flow of air into and hvfa of a working area, for example and office space, so that any contaminants are diluted by adding some fresh air. The absence of an effective system for maintaining ventilation extraction systems could readily lead to fire and subsequent injury or vhca of either building occupants or of third parties such as fire officers.

The guide includes further improvements to best practice standards with particular reference to kitchen extract systems. Clean, fresh air in buildings is the key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions.

From a health and safety aspect, they provide hbca cleanable surfaces and easier access between cooking equipment, minimising collection of dirt and grease between or behind the cooking appliances.