IDTECK Standard Professional Security Solution IDTECK Standard Plus Milestone (Xprotect) Video surveillance system interface IDTECK Standard Software. Get in-depth information on IDTECK STARWATCH STANDARD Access control software including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire. Access Control and Time & Attendance Software – STARWATCH STANDARD • Access Control and Time & Attendance Software • Compatible with IDTECK’s all .

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You can find out what IP address your PC have by going to command prompt and execute the ipconfig command. After all this the software will open up and will display the following interface. To make sure the installation runs smooth make sure that the following requirements are met:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most of these devices that have that capability are very limited on the things you can configure.

Access control can be done manually or completely automatic, but how would you keep track of who, when, and how the resource was accessed?

A pop-pop will show after the software is launched: Click Next to begin the installation process:. Access control is the ability to allow or restrict access to a place or to have the ability to deny or allow the use of a resource.


How to Install Access Control Software

Follow the prompt and install all of the necessary updates until you get to the section where you will need to named the Instance. See picture below for reference. The IP address will be the one your computer have.

Other than that it should be straight forward. Click Next to begin the installation.

How to Install Access Control Software Standard Server Version from IDTECK

It is necessary to install SQL for the database of the software so it will be easy to export any database with settings later on. Click OK when done and the result should be as show in the picture below:. Check the following picture summary to make sure you have all of the SQL features that will be installed. Click OK when done and the result should be as show in the picture below: Click Starqatch to begin the installation process: When done, the following window will appear:. A pop-pop will show after the software is launched:.

These devices can also have a Standxrd Service Interface that can show you basic information such as logs, alarm events, etc.

See picture below After naming the instance of your SQL installation you have to make sure you remember the password because this will be required to configure the communication server. The default username and password is admin. Download the Server version of the software from here: The next step is to make sure we have the software executed with administrative sfarwatch. When done, the following window will appear: At this point you will need to follow the steps to build your database for your access control and configure the connections between the software and your access control equipment.


Double click on the icon and proceed to install the software.

Access Control and Time & Attendance Software [STARWATCH STANDARD] – IDTECK Co., Ltd.

When the installation is completed, the following 2 icons will appear on your desktop. The idea behind this is to control certain users and resources at a specific place so there is full control of how, when and where idheck resource is utilized.

Every access control is different in the way they might require a specific set of settings to successfully connect with the main software.

Select SQL server authentication and use the following default username and password sa and After the software launches, click on server setup and the following settings will standad as the picture above. For more information about this software play the video below to see a quick video demonstration of the operations and configurations of this software.