Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, by C.G. Jung, is a book published by Princeton University Press in It was extracted from Structure. SYNCHRONICITY, An Acausal Connecting Principle – Jung – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Jung was intrigued from early in his career with coincidences, especially those surprising juxtapositions that scientific rationality could not adequately expla.

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I loved the album so much I read the book the album was named after. But if space and time are only apparently properties of bodies in motion and are created by the intellectual needs the observer, then their relativization by psychic conditions is no longer a matter for astonishment but is brought within bounds of possibility.

In all these cases and others like them there seems to be an a priori, causally inexplicable knowledge of a situation which at the time is unknowable. Why obsess over a world of false fantasies when there is a world of real, living, breathing miracles out there waiting for you, every day?

Are these the whimsicalities of chance, or the suggestive effects of the name, as Stekel seems to suggest, or are they “meaningful coincidences”? If they did exist, we would come to expect them. And it seems to me that my actual reading acausql the book is somehow, in turn, entangled with both this earlier synchronistic experience and also with subsequent events and experiences As I turned to Chapter Two of the book I was stunned by its title: Primitive superstition lies just below the surface of even the most tough minded individuals, and it is precisely those who most fight against it who are the first to succumb to its suggestive effects.

We are programmed to see ourselves everywhere–we see a face in the light xn, we yell at the car for breaking down, we apply complex psychological motivations to our cat. It deals with the “simultaneity of the causally unconnected, which we call ‘chance ‘.

Here, for want of a demonstrable cause, we are all too likely to fall into the temptation of positing iung transcendental one. It must be acaudal yet again that they are not inventions of the conscious mind but are spontaneous products of the unconscious, as has been sufficiently shown by experience.


Synchronistic events rest on the simultaneous occurrence of two different psychic states. The name “Ericipaeus” was completely unknown to her, which is not surprising as she had no knowledge of the classics.

Dice que coincidencias aparentemente significativas son, en parte, disposiciones inconscientes y, en parte, interpretaciones arbitrarias e inconscientes. We turn clay to make a vessel; But it is on the space where there is nothing that the utility synchronicjty the vessel depends.

If we take the third batch as well, the coincidence of the three classical moon aspects has a probability of 1: Springer, But the Philosophy and Historical Background to the notions of Synchronistic Events I found to be junv interesting, knowing also that our own Emotional State can have a larger influence on our Awareness then previously thought is another rather liberating point as well.

One of the causes suggested is the acceleration of the earth owing to the gravitational pull of the moon at this time. In this specific case, coincidences like the kind he describes are not actually uncommon. I was amazed to acaussl how many people have had experiences of synchronicty kind and how carefully the secret was guarded.

Because the statistical method shows only the average aspects, it creates an artificial and predominantly synchronicigy picture of reality. There is much more to be found in the book, with many more details and even empirical data. Of these fifteen aspects, a moon aspect occurs four times for women, whereas only six moon aspects are distributed among the thirty-five other possible values.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle

Jan 30, Judee rated it liked it. An Acausal Connecting Principleby C. When, for instance, the number of symptoms indicating a complex falls below the probable number of disturbances to be expected during the association experiment, this is no justification for assuming that synchrlnicity complex exists.

Although, warned by previous experience, I was cautious enough to submit my original account in the Swiss edition to four competent persons, among them two mathematicians, I allowed myself to be lulled into a sense of security too soon. He referred to synchronicity again in his “Tavistock Lectures” in London, Occasionally there is a trebling or even more, so that Kammerer 3 can speak of a “law of series,” of which he gives a number of excellent examples.


I am always looking for these events in my life. In the foreword to the 1st edn. When for instance I am faced with the fact that my tram ticket bears the same number as the theatre ticket which I buy immediately afterwards, and I receive that same evening a telephone call during which the same number is mentioned again as a telephone number, then a causal connection between these events seems to me improbable in the extreme, although it is obvious that each must have its own causality.

Thus, even the existence of synchronicity is relative to the belief of a group.

Full text of “SYNCHRONICITY An Acausal Connecting Principle Jung”

While many universities and colleges have only recently begun moving toward multi-and interdisciplinary programs and offerings, transdisciplinarity, a concept that first appeared on the academic scene in the early s, has become an important trend in some circles.

Kammerer would no doubt have reminded me of his “seriality. But owing to the outbreak of war, she was unable to fetch it and gave it up for lost. I have only to add here that, of the conjunctions and oppositions, those of Mars and Venus are far less important than the rest, as will readily be appreciated from the following consideration: I would like to put a temporary end to this unsatisfactory state of affairs by trying to give a consistent account of everything I have to say on this subject.

The book is far from being easy to read, some preexisting knowledge on brain anatomy, Jungian psyche concepts unconsciousness, anima, animus, the Self, the Ego, etc A Crucial Role for Graduate Education.

The first aczusal is a philosophical mythologem which is only credible when it appears in the form of the old paradox Tv to nav, as unity and multiplicity at once. Schopenhauer thought and wrote at a time when causality held sovereign sway as a category a priori and had therefore to be dragged in to explain meaningful coincidences.