Kyosho DBX VE Brushless RC model car Electric – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology, electronics and. Featuring the convenience of 1/10 class and the dynamic performance of 1/8 class, the Kyosho DBX VE buggy is fully built with a radio. Making the DBX the ideal option for all levels. 1/8th buggies this gives you full advantage to set up your buggy to your particular track conditions. The DBX VE.

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Fun Factor — Simple chassis structure features an inner cover as a barrier to dirt and dust and is excellent for maintenance. There was great control on the pavement and bumps and jumps were handled with ease in the dirt.

It came with very soft square block tires. I just plain forgot to offer because I was having too much fun with it? Optimal shock spring rates can be selected to match chassis specifications. All screws tightened, nothing loose. Home Catalog My Account View cart. Very Good Average Fair Poor. Large size center shaft and swing shafts on each wheel deliver high rigidity and strength. I highly khosho watching xbx just for the backflips out of the skatepark!

Cart is empty Cart is empty. I like the fact the speed control comes with the fan and is prewired with Deans connectors. The first battery pack was an interesting experience. Super plug connection and cooling fan meet the demands of large currents. Shaft Drive – The drive shafts run through the center for chassis to give you better CG and optimum weight balance.


The shock body itself is plastic but the aluminum caps really helped keep the tops from popping off. It did NOT have that soft and super cushy feel like my 2wd slash.

Dial setting adjustments make it easy to adjust, even for beginners. Great handling on pavement as well as off-road. Anything that let go was acceptable based on how heavy the beating was. During the replacement I noticed only 2 of the 4 gears are used in the diff.

The rear toe link mounts to the bulkhead so now I had to replace the entire rear gearbox! Optimal shock spring rates can be selected to match chassis specifications.

Kyosho DBX VE ReadySet (KT) – SAMIRC

What it came down to was weight. The buggy just plain loves to fly.

After the first test jump, backflip, and long xbx, I felt pretty confident in the buggy. The first thing that I saw that I liked was the threaded shock bodies and the aluminum adjusters and shock caps.

After a day of pavement bashing I ended up going home and did some some front yard bashing. It was surprisingly quick. So I got over the design decision. The majority of bashing started out on pavement and I wore them down to slicks within the first 3s battery pack.


DBX VE 2.0 w/KT-231P 1/10 EP(BL) 4WD Buggy Readyset RTR 34201T2

Fully Digital Servo – Equipped with a digital servos for great response. But in a smaller electric buggy size. The formidable chassis features aluminum parts anodized in signature gun metallic and is equipped with the Team ORION power source of the former model.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. However, if you plan on being on the street and off road, your going to need an extra set of tires. It took a hell of a beating and the first thing to let khosho was the motor mounts grip. Lukk Handlekurven er tom. Advanced design of forward cabin-type body delivers superior aerodynamic effect.

Jump after jump in the concrete park and the buggy held up great. Assembled buggy with painted and trimmed body, KT 2.

Super plug connection and cooling fan meet the demands of large currents. For more pics, please check out the unboxing article.