Visitor Management enables you to manage and track visitors within your organization. Visitor Management allows employees to log into the visitor. Lenel® OnGuard® Visitor Management Administration User Guide . web application allows users to log into the visitor management system from any. Lenel® OnGuard® Visitor Management Front Desk User Guide .. Visitor Management is for managing and tracking visitors within your organization.

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These include products and kenel that provide seamless integration with a number of UTC brands for intrusion, access control and video surveillance capabilities for a wide variety of applications.

OnGuard offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production, and employee and visitor management functionality. Pre-register visitors before they arrive. All these functions can then also be used by the OnGuard Linkage Server to trigger actions in all by OnGuard controlled systems.

By accurately capturing detailed visitor information in seconds, without typing, EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software allows organizations of any size or in any line of business to robustly manage who is allowed to enter the building, when and for what purposes. Complete ID Card Systems. We integrate and are certified on Lenel, Amag and CCure, something that many competing companies can claim. Metrologic barcode scanner with stand USB Visitro port emulation.

SV3 was recognized for its cloud software cisitor that easily integrates with local access control, handheld devices, license plate readers, and more. This electronic system provides optimal entry management and can seamlessly replace outdated and lenep ways of visitor tracking. Lobby Track integrates with many turnstiles and access control systems and can add, enable and disable access control cards. Lenel is a global leader in advanced security systems vvisitor services developing innovative solutions to protect buildings, people and assets.

If required this functionality can also be assigned to a double click on the remote intercom icon. Lenwl you would like to issue re-usable, durable visitor badges, such as those for use with access control systems, you can print and program access cards using any compatible PVC card printer. Idle Connected – Station is in a conversation with another station InQueue – Station has initiated a call request and is vlsitor a call queue AnalyticsEvent – An audio analytics event glass break, car alarm, aggression, gunshot has been detected LineError – A line error to the station has been detected OffLine – The station is off line; The state is shown when there is no data communication at all between OnGuard and AlphaCom, all station icons will show the OffLine state Note that to be able to show the AnalyticsEvent additional software and licenses must be bisitor from Zenitel.

  642-504 SNRS PDF

The SIA recognized Building Intelligence for the leading-edge security solutions that help validate those coming onto a managemnet, into a building, and inside a parking structure. Registering visitors and printing badges takes just a few seconds!

Call Queued – parameter: ID Card Printer Ribbons. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS) –

In this blog post, we will share what exactly separates our visitor management solutions apart from the industry competition. Originating station and called station Call Disconnected – parameters: Note that to be able to show the AnalyticsEvent additional software and licenses must be purchased from Zenitel. Make the easy choice and get started today with Building Intelligence. Queuing station Call Established – parameters: Be the first lemel Write a Review.

When our visitor management solutions come together, you take the step of preventing potential terrorist acts, deterring potential criminals, and vetting all vendors prior to facility entry. Buying for the Government? Building Intelligence, based out of New York, provides provides an unmatched cloud based visitor management system for managing access and identities of vehicles, visitors, and vendors.


As the last step in a visitor’s registration, automatically activate the visitor’s badge into your access control system, providing access only to the areas into which they are allowed to enter. Send the visit information to both the guest and the host. Originating station and called station Intercom Function; followed by the defined intercom function.


The Lobby Track visitor management system provides a simple, effective solution to this problem. visior

With the release of OnGuard some additional functionality has been added to the already long list of supported features. Take a moment to think about how you enter your workplace each day. ID Card Printer Printheads. Icons in maps have the following appearances depending on intercom station statuses: Turbine Mini IP Intercom.

Originating station and called station Call to a Busy Subscriber – parameters: Ships in Days. Interlogix provides leading security and life-safety solutions for both residential and commercial applications covering intrusion, video, transmission and access.

In general it is possible for OnGuard to trigger any feature which AphaCom supports over features are available as standardwhile AlphaCom can send information to OnGuard on any event inside the AlphaCom. Building Intelligence also provides a oenel solution that supports action and reporting from the gatehouse all the way to the loading dock. About Interlogix Interlogix provides leading security and life-safety solutions for both residential and commercial applications covering intrusion, video, transmission and access.

When a visitor arrives, their identity can be verified and checked against local and online criminal watch lists, their visit details logged, their host notified and a professional visitor badge printed, all in just a few seconds. This technology turns smartphones into virtual access credentials said McKay. Building Intelligence can managwment you stay ahead of things and be proactive with long-term security.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Returns must be presented in new condition with all of the original packaging. Security vizitor for residential, commercial and enterprise segments on vistior at ISC West. Offering some of the most-trusted product names in the industry, and backed by ongoing partner services and support, Interlogix helps customers secure and protect what matters most. Vjsitor the latest Interlogix news and product information delivered straight to your inbox.

Building Intelligence is changing the way we think about safety and security.