Leninism Under Lenin has 47 ratings and 8 reviews. Paul said: Narrates the terrain of Leninist politics in a refreshingly undogmatic fashion. Liebman is. Marcel Liebman was a historian of socialism and of communism. Reviews “ From Leninism Under Lenin there emerges a living and eminently. Leninism Under Lenin [1] is a serious and useful work. By dismantling these myths Liebman renders a service to the cause of historical truth, and, Marcel Liebman, Leninisme sous Lenine, 2 vols., Paris, Seuil,

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I t was in this spirit that the Communist International was established.

Leninism under Lenin – Marcel Liebman – Google Books

They have their ups and downs at least, where struggles of a certain scale are concernedthe cyclical nature of these being verifiable empirically, though it has not yet been adequately studied by Marxists. Liebman’s thesis is rather underwhelming and is not quite as organically connected to his presentation of Leninism’s developments, reducing L A strong analysis of the Bolshevik party through, over, and under Lenin from the initial pre days until Lenin’s death.

Liebman is an advocate of Lenin, but documents clearly that “Lenin’s party” had to overcome its sectarian past in order to navigate the terrain of This could have been done at the expense of the Nepmen and the kulaks; that is, without reducing the standard of living of the workers and poor peasants but, on the contrary, raising it.

It requires a previous implantation of the cadres of the vanguard party among the workers: The previous evening I had called on the working woman to show restraint and discipline- and now, out of the blue,there was this strike.

The previous evening I had called on the working woman to show restrai Reads like an unintentional polemic in favor of Bonnano’s opposition to formal organization.

Lenin sensed most of these dangerous possibilities in the course of his last struggle, marcsl he did not have at his command the only instrument by means of which he could have conquered in this struggle, namely, a Leninist Party equal to its task. A winner of the Isaac Deutscher Prize Liebmann highlights democratic lejinism in Lenin’s thinking as it developed over 25 years. The danger to which he pointed, and which Trotsky appreciated similarly, was not an imaginary one.


Could the Russian proletariat have kept hold of the direct exercise of power even if the revolution did not quickly prove victorious in the West? A truly wonderful unbiased book. Leninisn rated it it was amazing Aug 25, The leninixm made by Lenin and Trotsky in lay in their estimation of the comparative seriousness of the different dangers threatening Soviet society as it emerged, exhausted, from the civil war.

What, at bottom, was the mistake made by the Bolshevik leaders in ? A truly wonderful work which presents one of the most detailed analyses of Leninism under Vladimir Ilych himself that I’ve read to date.

Fragmented action can engender only fragmented consciousness. History has not yet given its verdict on the capacity of revolutionary Marxists to build Leninist parties independent of the Soviet bureaucracy and in opposition to it.

Leninism Under Lenin

An historian unde socialism and of communism, he published a number of well known books, notably on the Russian Revolution, Leninism and the history of the labour movement in Belgium. It must posses in equal measure both exceptional vigor and exceptional power of adaption.

lebman The state apparatus could certainly have been separated from that of the Party, and the latter subjected to the fresh breezes of the working class and student youth. Cbsd library rated it it was amazing Dec 28, In the proletariat was still in a state of complete disintegration — numerical, economic and social: On the one hand, by deepening his study of imperialism, Leniinism came to the conclusion that, in the setting of a world market which had reached the stage of monopoly capitalism, Russian capitalism was doomed to remain under the domination of international finance-capital, and therefore could not but continue to be cramped, maimed and underdeveloped, with a state power that was reactionary and barbarous.



Hence the need proclaimed by Lenin for redoubling discipline and closing the ranks during the retreat on the economic front. Was victory for the proletarian revolution — in Leniism, say — objectively possible? The least one can say is that he does not offer clear answers to any of them. It requires a correct strategy and tactics, such as can politically convince the majority of the workers.

Generally speaking, this task is carried out with success. Reads like an unintentional polemic in favor of Bonnano’s opposition to formal organization. His intellectual methodology was engaged, critical and rigorous. It would have been better if he had grasped, once and for all, the turn made by Lenin inand understood the profound theoretical reasons for this turn.

To deny this means to idealise excessively the realities of proletarian life and, thereby, the realities of the capitalism which produces it.

Liebman and Leninism

The building of a vanguard party of the working class means, essentially, the fusion of the programme, and the cadres who embody the programme, with this stratum of the workers. The Communist International could likewise have been kept at its role of working to promote the victory of the proletarian revolution as and when revolutionary situations occurred in one country or another.

He tries to explainas well, and in so doing he comes up against the entanglement of history with theory, as is inevitable for anyone who aims to deal with Lenin and Leninism from the Marxist standpoint. Earlier expressions of the same idea are found, e.