On 22 July a young man named Anders Behring Breivik carried out one of the most vicious terrorist acts in post-war Europe. In a carefully orchestrated. We refrained from posting this document for a number of days due to concerns about some of its content. However, the fact that the document is. In this article, I examine the way in which the Bible is used in Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, arguing that this provides an important example of the role of .

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What do the biblical texts do in the manifesto? From radicalization to terrorism.

Aschehaug,45, 47, Praeger, Center on Education and Training for Employment. Cappelen Damm,—3: I will argue that even though it is not a central feature of his manifesto, the Bible performs an important peripheral function to the central claims in the text. Bruce Hoffman, Inside Terrorism London: If anybody is wrongly handling the word of God, it is likely to be us, not our forefathers. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.

Андерс Беринг Брејвик

Understanding the Ideological Split of the Radical Right. Methods of sustained reflection, interpretation and commentary on the meaning of a biblical passage are waived in favor of a raw exhibition of biblical verses paraded one after another, seemingly haphazardly.

  HMC 7042-CR6 PDF

A dimensional approach to analyzing lone offender terrorism. Snape, God and the British Soldier In The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: Its main purpose, based on the principles of transformative learning theory, is to explore the life experiences that drove him to the point to deploy violent means.

Андерс Беринг Брејвик — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

This blog post has since been removed. Jesus in an Age of Terror: Victor Golliancz,14—5; manfiest Andrew Berwick, for the manifesto. Victor Golliancz, A pre-trial profile of Anders Behring Breivik.

Biblical reception history, I suggest, provides a promising disciplinary perspective for teasing out brekvik inner logic of the far-right ideological currents in contemporary Europe. God and the British Soldier: Anders Behring Breivik spent years training and plotting for massacre. See all formats and pricing Online.

Hoover, God—7. The view that biblical literacy is at an all-time low is voiced across different fields and camps, as discussed by many of the authors in Rethinking Biblical Literacyed.

Anders Maniefst and the Rise of Islamophobia. The legitimating role of the Bible for self-defense and the motivational stimulus to fight for the cause goes further.

Journal of the Bible and its Reception

There will be much suffering and destruction but eventually we will succeed and may be able to start rebuilding. Manifesg am focusing here on the role of the biblical references; throughout the manifesto there are larger themes of Christianity, particularly with attention to the Crusades 1.


Abstract The present article aims to provide a short overview of my research on the radicalization process of the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik. The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: Taking account of the behavior patterns of biblical texts in extremist ideology might contribute in crucial ways to better understand contemporary far-right discourse, the ever-changing roles of religion in Europe, and the complex, ongoing interactions between culture, politics and the biblical archive.

Verso, The attacks on July 22nd, sent shock waves to democratic societies, since, contrary to what expected shortly after the lethal events, it was a single perpetrator, and not an organized terrorist group, who meticulously prepared and executed the plan.

Equinox, Cappelen Damm,78— Lit Verlag, Understanding lone wolf terrorism: